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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Personal Experience; lessons of a Senior

Mikayla Bush
Picture taken in Utah, Belly of The Dragon

With as few days as I have left here in this building with you all, I wish to share some of the incredible lessons I’ve learned along the way. Bear with me, this is a long list, however, I can’t make myself do less than what needs to be done. 

Humility. Without humility, I would not know more than half of you today. Finally, let go of my past ego and be free and open to friends and people. I can connect with sturdy bridges that won’t burn at the first danger sign. 

Resilience. Life has tested me with many ordeals, most of which are very unfair to a teen like me. I grew up in a society that’s telling me doom and gloom every day. In a world that connects through tragedy, I can now find hope around the bend. I know no darkness is without light. 

Respect. A two-way road that applies to both students and teachers. There will always be those who grind my gears and those who fan my flames. But for those damaging hours toiling away at homework, I know it’s made me much stronger. We do what is necessary, not what we want; this way, we create functional, fulfilling, and balanced lifestyles.

Without passion, I would be nowhere.

Dedication. Without dedication, there’s no drive. To keep going despite my dwindling efforts is to learn true happiness by seeing hard work pay off. That is worth more than any grade or trophy. 

Hard-working, to know that I’m doing better by doing something. Doing without being seen, I can be my vigilante type. I gather the points for teams, read the book closely for details, and pick up the trash when others drop it on the ground. Doing some things now can lead to better things down the road.

Learning. Everyone will learn something. I’ve been taught so many things, and not just from teachers. My passion and perspective go behind the common knowledge. I can still become better, and making mistakes just proves that I am still human. Human, like you all. 

Grounded reality, the world is better off revolving around something else. I won’t ever be the center of attention, and I’m ok with that. First place is meaningless in a world filled with winners. But to also be present. Grounded in the world, watching it pass by in effortless grandeur. 

Imagination, to create worlds of my own. I can share stories that make people laugh and learn. I know that my skills are gifts to share with the world. My imagination, the garden, and the works my flowers have given to every person. 

Passion. This is my drive. Without passion, I would be nowhere. My passion is flaming with bright sparks. Ones that cause change rippling through the meadows of invasive vines. I protect nature, and yet I let new things prosper in my wake. With the destruction of passion also comes the rebirth of new ideas.

Exploring, all the paths open to me. It’s ok to change my mind. I can take every trail on the map, even the ones unmarked. Trailblazing my way through this society knowing I have a place, and knowing the world still wants me. There’s so much to discover and I know it will be more than anything I could ever expect. 

Trust, trust in the ones who have and can hurt me. I can choose to close myself off, but that would mean missing growth and opportunities. Give people second chances, because they may not get it from anyone else. 

Growth, know that anyone, even I can grow. Potential just like the sapling amount the old growth redwood. Shade and leaves for the small animals, and rich-grained wood for those who use me to create for a greater purpose. 

Expectation, this is to know everything will almost always subvert my expectations. The greatest things come to those who wait, so be patient. I can learn to also like the unexpected. 

Acceptance, sometimes this is how it must be. Give it a chance but never push things to be more than what they are. Don’t judge because all you can change is yourself, and even then, sometimes, this is just how you are. This is just the type of person I am, and as long as it doesn’t hurt others, they can’t change a single thing about me. 

Faith is what I believe is my own. This one is quite simple, but one that I never fail to grow deeper in. Faith can grow from anything, and I always strive to enrich it. 

Decision. I can’t stand on the line and waffle every direction. Be strong in what I decide. Pick a side, but don’t be afraid to learn about the other. But don’t stay neutral, this only causes strife. Don’t split in two to appease opposing forces. 

Future and fate. These are decided for me. I don’t know what they are for a long time. But there’s always some purpose to all my work. So I need to keep going and searching. Society can’t tell me this either, because the crowd can be loud, but never all right. Wait and see beside the track, but don’t be run over by the train. 

Perception and perspective. There won’t be a right and wrong. No one person is bad, just makes bad decisions. Viciousness and anger come from environments, but peace and harmony come from understanding. Not one person means ill will, and if they claim that, then step up and figure out what this means to be at war with yourself. 

Anticipation, what is a life worth exploring if all you do is stand in place? Meet it with ambition and amazement. I have a life left to live so I’m going to anticipate it with every fiber of my being. 

Responsibility. People in this school have also come to respect me. They depend on me to do things that imply trust. Without them, the confidence that I have would be far below that of the average middle schooler. 

Able. If there’s one thing that I value most about high school, it’s how it taught me I was able. I can do anything I put my mind to, no matter how big or small the task. I can push boulders up mountains, I can change the courses of rivers. I am able because I have learned that it’s not the goal that matters or the trophy, but it’s the things I’ve learned I’m truly capable of. 

I am truly grateful to all the people, students, teachers, and adults in my life. I couldn’t see these past few years going any better than they have now. I’m so glad that we can share memories and experiences. 

So with a heavy heart, I urge you on. If we cross paths yet again, or fate has different plans, go and live with your minds ready to learn, and your hearts open. 

Thank you, FHC. 


-Love Mikayla (Mickey) Bush

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About the Contributor
Mikayla Bush
Mikayla Bush, Staff Writer
Mikayla is a senior striving for a career in writing and artistry. She takes inspiration from books, media, nature, and even music. Camping, hiking, and running are all favorite pastimes of hers.  She also tries her darndest to deliver strong opinion-based pieces that prompt readers to question anything and everything and hope to even change some minds. What type of books does she want to write? Fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia. I can't read books accounting for the story of some average person. That's called asking a stranger for their life story. What is her favorite place to camp? A state park in the Upper Peninsula, McClain State Park, is just off the shore of Lake Superior. What's her favorite time of the year? Second fall, no not the first where it's still hot with a tiny bit of color. It needs to be cold enough that drinking hot apple cider is life-giving.

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