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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The class of 2024 passionately takes their first steps into the college application process

Lucy at a camp at the University of Michigan that gave her an introduction to the Ross School of Business.
Lucy Wu
Lucy at a camp at the University of Michigan that gave her an introduction to the Ross School of Business.

Despite her many AP classes, extracurriculars, and other responsibilities, senior Ashley Schenck is only applying to two colleges.

Although she has many accolades to show for her hard work throughout high school, that doesn’t matter to Ashely—she is only interested in the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

I chose to only apply to two schools because I can’t see myself going to any other college besides the two,” Ashley said. “I really like the campuses and how they both are in-state. I also like the variety of majors available.”

However, Ashley hasn’t made the decision to only apply to two schools for no reason. Because she enjoys the two schools so much and would thrive in those environments, she doesn’t need to go through the stress of applying to so many schools and paying the costs of application fees.

Furthermore, Ashley is already immersed in the academic and cultural settings of each school. She has toured and experienced both schools first-hand, so she can be certain that either of these schools are right for her.

“I chose the University of Michigan and Michigan State University because I really liked the campus and atmosphere that was there when I visited,” Ashley said. “I had the opportunity to meet some of the professors and other students at each school and found that they were all super nice and helpful.”

Ashley has been managing her applications well, keeping them simple and sweet. However, according to counselor Jodi Arsulowicz, the application process has been less smooth on the whole.

The counselors, who have been working to help students through their college journey, have noticed a common issue amongst students when they are writing their essays, submitting their transcripts and letters, and finalizing their information: organization.

“The organization piece [has been the biggest challenge],” Arsulowicz said. “There’s so many pieces and parts and making sure that they haven’t forgotten anything. If you have just a few schools on your list, that’s a lot more manageable than if you have five or more. So, there’s all of these expectations. Right now, I think it’s just the anxiety over, ‘Did I miss something?’”

As a counselor, Arsulowicz has been just as if not more busy than the students during the season of early action. The primary focus of Arsulowicz and the other counselors is to make themselves available to seniors who are navigating the world of CommonApp, Naviance, and admissions letters.

From students who are just beginning to decide where to apply to students who are in need of a last-minute transcript submission, the counselors have been ready to help out with the needs of each individual student. However, Arsoluwicz offers one piece of advice to all students who plan on attending college.

“[Take things] one step at a time,” Arsoluwicz said. “Take a step forward. Usually, once you get started and you’ve submitted that first school, then you understand what it’s like. Prioritize in terms of putting those harder applications first. [When] students have finished up that Nov. 1 deadline and they want to be sure that they’re set with everything, it’s a little reevaluation moment.”

This process of chipping away at applications is especially necessary for students such as senior Lucy Wu, who, unlike Ashley, is applying to over 15 schools, ranging from high-acceptance safeties to just-for-fun Ivy Leagues.

Because of Lucy’s plans for the future, applying to many schools will boost her chances of success. Lucy and Ashley’s scenarios are very different, but both are reasonable and set each up for success.

“I don’t currently plan on going to graduate school, so if I’m going to do the application process once in my life, I might as well know all my options,” Lucy said. “A lot of these schools are also super selective, so I’m hoping at least one of them will accept me. If I apply to a ton, maybe it will increase my chances.”

With so many applications to complete, Lucy has become somewhat of an application expert. Putting together a dense and impactful application is no easy task, but Lucy has taken on and successfully completed many applications dedicated to her future business major.

On both academic and social sides, Lucy has been building a resume full of her passions, experiences, and accomplishments that make her stand out compared to other applicants.

Successful people come from all colleges.

— Lucy Wu

“My application is full of experiences I am grateful for,” Lucy said. “I’ve always juggled as many extracurriculars as possible without ever losing focus on academics. I love being involved in school clubs and leadership, as well as making time for my hobbies and passions. I honestly believe they make me a whole person instead of just another student on a page.”

Despite the heavy workload, stress, and motivational challenges that come with applying to colleges, the transition from high school to college is exciting for many students. New chapters bring new opportunities, and the seniors of 2024 are more than prepared to discover what is next.

So, Lucy continues to remind herself that no matter where she ends up after high school, she will thrive in her environment and make the best of everything she does.

“I’ve just been reminding myself that successful people come from all colleges,” Lucy said. “Whether you graduate from community college or Princeton, everyone has a shot at success. Your career path honestly just depends on how hard you work and the opportunities you seek out after you arrive at college. If I don’t make it into a super prestigious university, I still get the privilege of attending college and learning from brilliant peers and professors.”

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