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Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour has many integral moments and things to note

A poster from the tour.

Taylor Swift changed concerts forever with her three-hour, non-stop Eras Tour, which incorporates all of her albums into one show. 

Now that all concerts have the Eras Tour as a competitor, it is hard to live up to unprecedented standards. 

Olivia Rodrigo is starting strong with her GUTS Tour, which, although it may not surpass Taylor’s, can follow in its path. 

Rodrigo began her music career by releasing SOUR in 2021. Recently, in 2023, she released her second album, GUTS. Both albums were followed by a tour. 

Rodrigo had a very successful, yet slightly short tour for SOUR. The GUTS Tour just recently started, and people are very excited. 

After the Eras Tour, there began a line of traditions for concerts. There are tour chants, outfits and styles, special songs, and much more. Some people even carried over the tradition of making friendship bracelets to other artists, although it originated with Swift. The GUTS Tour has characteristics that are necessary to know before you go. 

The biggest thing to know is what to wear; outfits are probably the most important part of any concert in this day and age. You must fit in with the concert aesthetic while still being unique and comfortable. With Rodrigo, there is a purple theme across her albums, which is reflected in the outfits people have been wearing.

The outfits have grungy yet coquette aesthetics. They can range from jeans and a top to a sparkly dress, depending on the style you are going for. Some people will dress as certain songs or characters from music videos or songs. For example, some people have been seen to dress as Lacy, from Rodrigo’s new song on the GUTS album. Lacy is described in the song as someone Rodrigo envies because of her perfection and perhaps the guys she’s dating as well. People reflect this by dressing up in a coquette style, with shades of pink and bows in their hair. People also recreate outfits she has worn at awards and in performances. 

Another tradition that the Eras tour began was chants. These chants are certain things that you say or do at the concerts during specific songs and intermissions. One chant during the GUTS tour is a silent moment during the song “bad idea right?” During this, when Olivia sings, “I know I should stop,” the crowd goes silent until she continues singing, “But I can’t.” Although there are others, that is the main one and what has been showcased most. 

The outfits have grungy yet coquette aesthetics. They can range from jeans and a top to a sparkly dress, depending on the style you are going for.

The tour has an impressive merchandise lineup. There are many clothing options, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. There is a black hoodie with purple writing, along with a similar crew neck option. There are also cream and purple t-shirt options available, both with similar designs. You can get an Italian-style charm bracelet, tote bag, wall decor, and other options at the merch tables. You can always order merch online as well, where there is a wider and more diverse selection, and you can avoid the lines and low supply of tables at the concert. 

The set list is one to get excited about. She plays a large majority of songs from her GUTS album, along with songs such as “traitor,” “drivers license,” “deja vu,” “happier,” and more from her original album, SOUR. She also performs her previously unreleased song “obsessed.” Rodrigo truly opened a new door by performing this unreleased song at her concert. Recently, at her show in Chicago, she announced a deluxe version of the GUTS album labeled GUTS (spilled). With this, she released “obsessed,” so now all performances are of released songs. 

No matter what you wear, do, or hear, the tour will undoubtedly bring you a wonderful time, while I sit in my bedroom since I was busy when I had tickets to go.

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