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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

These current European fashion trends master the art of effortless, ageless style

European style is derived from neutral colors, flowy dresses, and fun accessories

When I was packing for my recent trip to Spain, I knew I had to step up my fashion game.

I had seen countless videos on Instagram and TikTok about day-to-day outfit inspiration and guides from European girls, and the trends I found on their accounts showed one prominent commonality: no matter where they were going, they always had to dress to impress.

I tried to pack like a true European girl: I stuffed flowy dresses, jewelry, and six different pairs of shoes into my suitcase in an effort to blend in once I arrived in Spain. Though I was proud of the effort I put into forming cohesive and appropriate European outfits, the European girls had a certain level of style and execution that surpassed anything I had seen in day-to-day life in America. From jewelry to shoes, the distinct European trends, especially looking at women, prove to be generally more elegant and put together.

During the summer months, it is common to wear long, flowy, and tiered white skirts as well as beige or neutral linen pants, allowing for comfort and style amid the hot summer months.


In America, there is an emphasis on New Balance, Nike, and Converse for day-to-day footwear. Although these brands are universal and dominant all around the world, Europe included, I definitely saw more Adidas shoes being worn around the cities I visited. Although the styles varied, the Adidas Samba shoes were extremely popular due to their versatility and ability to dress the outfit up or down. 

New Balance, especially the 550s, was also very popular. These shoes are a popular option globally for easy, comfortable choices that can be worn with a varying combination of accessories and clothing. Another popular option that isn’t as widespread in America is a classic black loafer or ballet flat, elevating the bottom half of the outfit even further in a look of clean elegance.

Makeup and Hair

A popular trend, dubbed the “clean girl aesthetic,” has proved to be widely prevalent, especially among the younger populations who have been able to follow its progression through social media. While this trend of dewy makeup, slicked back hair, lip gloss, beige and neutral clothing choices, and gold or silver hoops for jewelry is certainly not strictly limited to Europe and has surged in popularity all over the world, the general aesthetic seemed to be exceedingly popular and prevailing in Europe. 

The aesthetic in the United States, on the whole, is similar in terms of clean jewelry, simple makeup looks, and slicked-back hairstyles, but the clothing in the trend is where it differs dramatically in comparison to styles in Europe. I see girls in the United States mirroring this aesthetic while wearing matching gym sets, sweat sets, or leggings with a sweatshirt; in Europe, however, the majority of everyday looks incorporating this aesthetic were void of leggings and sweatpants. I saw a lot of layered outfits, jeans or trousers paired with casual trench coats, and matching bags or purses. 


Something I noticed—and certainly was not prepared for—was the fact that Europeans generally dress according to the season, not the daily weather. When looking at the forecast for the trip, I saw that the places my family was visiting were going to be in the 50s to 70s; therefore, I packed a variety of jeans, tank tops, jackets, and oversized sweaters to throw over or pair with my outfits if it got too cold. 

But because it was just barely spring when I was visiting, people were still dressed in mild winter clothes, typically comprised of coats, jackets, and a variety of bottoms. During the summer months, it is common to wear long, flowy, and tiered white skirts as well as beige or neutral linen pants, allowing for comfort and style amid the hot summer months.

In general, everybody looked put together on a whole different level. Everyday, basic looks steered away from sweatpants or hoodies with flashy prints, something that is exceedingly popular in everyday life in America. For future European trips, I think that less is more when packing and that solid basics and an array of reliable jewelry will go far.

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