Dr. Suess is a simple reminder of my childhood


Rene Maier, Lead Managing Editor

I remember the nights when I was younger and I begged my mom to read me just one more Dr. Seuss book, even though we had already read three. It was mostly because I was a trouble-child that didn’t want to go to bed at 8 when my older brother got to stay up until 9, but it was also because of the way the Dr. Seuss wrote. I would only read Dr. Seuss before bed. It was my parents’ treat to me because they knew how much I loved the rhymes. And I thought it was cool because I could guess the last word of every sentence in almost any book. As I got older, and my love for books grew, I went back and re-read all of my Dr. Seuss books because I wanted to rekindle my love for they way he wrote, and also bring back pieces of my childhood happiness. But as I was reading, I realized that there is so much more to Dr. Seuss’s words and books than I could grasp as a child. The amount of life lessons and powerful thoughts that are in each and every one of his books blew my mind, because as a child, I obviously heard what he was saying, but I never thought anything of it. I couldn’t relate to it because I hadn’t truly been introduced to the world, and I hadn’t had true life interactions nor was I apart of society on my own. But now, at 17 years-old, I have learned from and related more to Dr. Seuss than I ever thought was possible.

This quote is one of my favorite quotes because I have a problem caring too much. Honestly, it’s not a problem with me because I was taught that it is right to care too much about everything and about everyone. It leads me to getting hurt when others don’t care as much as I do, and other times, it results in good things, and for that I stick with this quote. Honestly, if you don’t care, then nothing will change, whether it be relating to your grades or relating to your life in general.

I remember my mom read me this certain quote because I have loved to travel and be adventurous since I was little, and I have never grown out of it. It’s so lighthearted and motivating because there is nothing in this world that should be able to stop you from doing what you love. And traveling is the way that I relieve my stress, whether it be going out and just driving around town, especially with the beautiful weather we are having right now, or packing everything up for a weekend and going up North with my best friends. Whenever and wherever, I travel all my stress diminishes, and it is a time that I feel on top of the world.

This final quote is perfect for the time being, because everything seems to be ending. And although I am sad that nothing will really be the same, I am glad that everything that has happened, happened. Not only this year will I graduate, but three months later, I start a new chapter at Western Michigan University, and my life will do a complete 180. Leaving Forest Hills and leaving what I have known since I was five makes me sad and also scared, because of the fact that I will be on my own, but it is also one of the most exhilarating things because it’s new and it’s closer to experiencing real life and adulthood.

Not only is high school ending, but also so much in my life has changed in the last two months. I try not to dwell on the lost friendships, the words taken out of context, and every other negative thing, because everything happens for a reason, and it has made my life different; it has made it better.

Reviving my childhood love of Dr. Seuss has made life a little easier because I am reminded of my innocence, and I am also reminded that no matter how crazy life gets, everything happens for a reason, and everything will be okay. There is nothing there to stop me. If you need a boost, I suggest sitting down and reading a Dr. Seuss book.