Jennifer Salvato Doktorski’s book How My Summer Went Up In Flames


“First I lost my heart. Then, I lost my mind.” ”

— Rosie Catalano, in How my Summer Went up in Flames.

After a heartbreak, I am pretty sure that setting your boyfriend’s car on fire is the craziest thing that someone could do. Now of course, for Rosalita, this was a complete accident. The only thing that was supposed to catch the blazing fury of her love was the sentimental tokens of her relationship with Joey, her ex. His car, however, was not supposed to catch on fire. After being cheated on, there is no limit to what heart break can push you to do. To make matters worse, when Rosie tried to fix her mistake, she was gifted with a temporary restraining order from the love of her life. Not only was Rosie devastated on how quickly her life took a turn for the worse, but she was also given the “disappointment card” from her parents.

To try and avoid any violations to her TRO ( Temporary Restraining Order), Rosie, along with her family and best friend/neighbor, Matty, agreed that Rosie should join Matty and his two friends on a cross country road trip from New Jersey to Arizona. Refusing to go on a million mile trip and stuck in a car with three teenage boys, Rosie protested. This ended in the loss of a battle, sending her packing for her journey to Arizona. Rosie, along with Matty’s friends, Logan and Spencer, drive from coast to coast on their nine-day road trip, stopping at places from Graceland to Dollywood. This trip was an eye-opener for Rosie. She not only learned how there is a world full of opportunities other than in Jersey, she learned that her passion towards others doesn’t always agree with the outcome of her actions.

Now being stuck in a car with three boys, how could there not be drama? Matty seems to want to be more than friends, and Rosie is showing interest in this new buoy logan. Are boys really the right choice for Rosie? Will this love triangle work itself out? By going to your local library, buying the book on Amazon, or even going to online websites, you can find all of this out.

How My Summer Went Up in Flames had me wanting more with every page I turned. Now, I don’t normally read books, although they are sometimes fun to read, but I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wanted a fun and easy read. Not only is there humor throughout the entire book, but there is also love, adventure, and new beginnings. I think that this book as a whole is a great representation of how no matter how low you go, you can always bring yourself back up, as well as how it is always good to keep your friends and family close, because they will always be there to support you if you just let them into your life.