King Kong is a crowd disappointment

King Kong is a crowd disappointment

Payton Field , Assistant Manging Editor of Marketing

For a girl who usually watches Disney princess and romantic-comedy movies at the theater, the thought of seeing an action-packed and murderous chimpanzee movie was quite comical, and definitely not on my list of top movies to see. All week, I had been looking forward to seeing the magical story of Beauty and the Beast, but much to my dismay, I was outvoted and stuck with watching the horrific movie King Kong: Skull Island.

I mean, if you are into movies about giant monkeys protecting insane explorers against screeching reptile monsters, then hey, King Kong is definitely the movie for you. But personally, I found the movie completely and utterly awful.

Personally, I found the movie completely and utterly awful.”

The movie centers around two men who have discovered an island inside the Bermuda Triangle. Within the first few words and mention of the Bermuda Triangle, I could feel the boredom kicking in and my eyelids begin to feel heavy and droopy. Anyway, they end up taking a team of military escorts, a skilled tracker, and a squad of helicopters with them on their dangerous expedition. After making it through the disastrous whirlwind, they land on a cliff with the eyes of King Kong himself staring back at them. Kong attacks the intruders and many of the men are killed or have gone missing. Half of the group that is left is cornered by a native tribe, and the other half set out on a search for the missing men.

The group that is captured by the native tribes come to find a stranded soldier. He has been there for the past 28 years and assures the group that the natives are not harmful. According to the stranded soldier, Kong is like a God to the natives. He has been protecting them from the creatures that dwell beneath the earth and also have been killing off the natives for centuries, as well as Kong’s own family. They are known as “Skull Crawlers.” If anything happens to Kong, the Skull Crawlers dominate the island.

In order to make it off the island, both groups plan to meet on the far north side. The stranded soldier says that it cannot be done in three days on foot, so he agrees to guide them the right way. He bids the natives farewell and takes the crew on a boat. Shortly after riding away, a few of the voyagers are snatched by Skull Crawlers and the situation becomes more dire. The movie ends with a final, bloody battle between King Kong and a humongous Skull Crawler.

Overall, the movie was very gory and bloody. The amount of deaths was numerous and grotesque. The screeches and vicious growls of the chimpanzees were branded in my ears, while the sight of squirting blood was permanently stained in my eyes. And although the people next to me seemed to be enjoying it, I can 100% say that it was not my favorite.

Besides the gross and deathly scenes, I felt the movie also went on too long. I felt like it could have been summarized in an hour, instead of the full two and a half hour film. There were also a large amount of characters and it was hard to remember all of them. The plot line was confusing, hard to follow, and boring.

So although I did not enjoy this movie, I’m sure someone who likes action-packed thriller films would. All I am going to say is that next weekend when I go to the movies, I am seeing Beauty and the Beast, no matter who votes on King Kong. I would not recommend it, and I would hope others would choose to watch a different, more interesting movie.