Stepping out and breaking rules


Maggie Eldred , Staff Writer

As seniors, we are posed with many new questions and ideas. The majority of them involving college, but some are still placed in the home we know as high school. Many of those, in that small category taking place in our old home, involve taking risks and possibly breaking some rules. But not the type of rules that will get you into trouble or start a ruckus. What I mean to say is to break your own rules.

As someone who hates getting out of my comfort zone and likes to stay with what I know, I know breaking your own rules is easier said than done. But sometimes it just needs to happen. It can and most likely will influence your character. However, it can do so in either a good or bad way. It can do amazing, great things for you, but it can also tear you down in seconds. Such as, if you were to break them to break out of your comfort zone in order to help people; then break them with gusto.

However, sometimes breaking your own rules can tear your down. It starts with doing it for good and then it spirals. You go from wanting to make yourself feel better by stepping out of your comfort zone to then stepping too far and then not knowing what to do. You step so far out and break so many of your own moral rules on the way that you begin to change.

One of the places we can change for the better, though, is college. College is a place where everyone changes and everyone has a chance to do so. They have clubs, sports and many other things that encourage the stepping out of one’s comfort zone. I mean, first things first, they throw you into a room with three people you don’t really know right off the bat. They are trying their best to get you to step out and change, to get you to step out of your comfort zone. They do all of this in a wonderful way, where they are allowing you to step out, but no spiral.

What I am trying my best to say here, is to break your own rules and to break them pleasure. It will reflect on your character and make people think differently of you. But remember, don’t step too far because that is unknown territory. Stepping out and breaking your own rules is great and I encourage it, but be careful.