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Maggie Eldred
Maggie is entering her second year on staff as a senior. She enjoys spending time with her dogs as well as her family. She is not currently working, as she is trying to focus on school and her writing. After high school, she plans to attend Central Michigan University to study marketing and management. After graduating from CMU she hopes to attend Columbia Law School in hopes of attaining a degree in contract law.

  • Favorite thing about being on staff: How it can be crazy one day, and relaxed the next.

  • Favorite type of story: Reviews and columns

  • Hobbies/ interests: Playing with my dogs, writing, and cooking

  • Favorite book and why: The Help because it shows how working hard can get you to the top.

  • It's Friday night, you will usually find Maggie: Hanging out with my dogs and family, hanging out with my friends, or just relaxing.

Maggie Eldred, Staff Writer

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Maggie Eldred