I’m Not a Freshman Anymore


I’ve been thinking about this a lot. It has crossed my mind a billion times, but only now does it seem relevant to my own well being. I have been thinking about how much everything has changed in these past four years.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in Mrs. DeMeester’s classroom completely immersed in what we were learning about in the first class of my first day of high school. I remember that it wasn’t too exciting. It was almost dull, but because it was my first day of high school and my nerves were sky high, I was immersed in anything and everything we did. I recall staying with Mrs. D and to begin my quick, yet prominent theatre experience. I sat in the same spot next to the same person who became my best friend, Marissa Ewald. We went through that hour in the same way: completely immersed in everything Mrs. D would say. I was in love with the idea of high school.

Then I went to Civics taught by Mr. Lowe. I walked into that classroom and it felt like home. This was the room that sparked my interest in government and showed me what I want to do with the rest of my life. Even with the organization, which if anyone were to see my room they would not agree I was good at, and the hour long lectures and papers, I loved every minute of it.

Then I went on. I powered through the first day. I got lost, I met new people, but I was not late to class.

Math. I struggled with this subject from the time I entered into the education system until now, my senior year. But when I entered the high school, I had felt a sense of relief. I had finally found a class that made it easier for me to understand because teachers taught the subject in ways I could comprehend. Algebra Geometry I saved me. This class was designed in a  where I understood everything less complicated. I was able to pound out my homework in class, which I had never done before. I then went on to Algebra Geometry II and Concepts of Algebra 2. All of these classes enabled me to crush my fear of math and my, what I thought, inability to do it.

Then I went to Spanish 1 with Señor Silvestre. The thought of taking two years of Spanish made me the most scared I have ever been. It was something that I knew I had to do, but wasn’t looking forward to doing. But I powered through and ended with a strong ‘B.’

Then I went to Biology with Mrs. Richards and Mr. Spadafore. Just like Spanish, I didn’t want to, but I did. I ended with a strong ‘B’ as well.

Now, I’m a senior.

Everyday, I am still immersed in my classes. I love all of my teachers, and I have learned to love this school. If you were to look at me on particular days, it looks like I hate every minute I am here. But take it from me, I love everything about it and the learning within it. 

This year I don’t have a first or second hour, however, I am currently taking a marketing course and AP Statistics. Then, I go to my other math class. It is hard for me to believe that for so long I struggled with math and now I am sitting as a senior taking two math classes, one of them being an AP and the other giving me a strong chance to test out of college-level algebra next year and move straight into Pre-Calc.

I am also taking Advanced Geology, which I never thought I would take. I never even thought I would take four years of science because just like math, I struggled immensely.

And then two English courses, which I tend to be successful in. 

As a freshman, I never pictured myself being in the spot I am currently in. I never thought I would be taking 2-3 math courses, an advanced science course, and two English courses. But the only thing that made this year “easier” for me was all of my hard work in the years before. When I went to my classes with Mr. Perkins, my counselor, and he said that I only needed three credits, I was in awe. But this was where I realized that all of my hard work paid off in the end, even though I didn’t realize it when I was doing it.