E’s new show The Arrangement is binge-worthy


One thing that I love about scripted TV is that you are never confused. The same characters stay for either all of the episodes or just a few. They all have back-stories, a history with other characters, and are there for a reason. Every location that the producers pick is picked for a reason and meant to be a big part of the show. I mean, a show usually picks only a few key locations for where their characters spend the majority of their time. For me, a TV show has to have a lot of reason to make sense, or else I get bored. And E’s new binge-worthy series The Arrangement is just that.

Although it is scripted and can feel kind of predictable at times, it still has a mass amount of twists and turns that keep your attention.

The Arrangement was a show that the network highly advertised, as it was one of the network’s first “scripted series.” It seemed like every other commercial on any channel was for this show, and that sparked my interest. I thought- yes, you need to advertise for ratings, but this much? So, I decided to find out what all the buzz was about.

When I first turned the show on, I was completely confused. They were introducing all of the characters at what felt like light speed. The show is set in Hollywood and revolves around two main characters, Kyle West and Megan Morrison, and two “second tier” characters, Terence and Deann Anderson. Megan, played by Christine Evangelista, is an up and coming actress who is struggling to get her feet under her in the acting world, as she has only had a couple of minor roles. While Kyle, played by Josh Henderson, stars in every new blockbuster film and lives in a mansion with an ocean view. The two are polar opposites, but when a new part comes out of the shadows for a role in Kyle’s new movie, Megan and her agent jump on it like a kid does with candy. But, this was no “normal” audition she was walking into.

This is where Terrance and Deann come in. Terence and Deann are two of Kyle’s rocks. Deann is his producer and agent, while Terence is helping him be his better self with the help of the Institution for the Higher Mind. They are two of the people in charge of auditioning people for the part. Kyle West was not one to stay in relationships long or pick good women to be in a relationship with. So, Terence had a light bulb go off in his head. I think he thought, “Why can’t I pick who Kyle dates?” So they began to audition women and ended up picking Megan. The role she got was to play Kyle’s girlfriend for a whopping $10 million dollars.

This was a new kind of “arrangement” that no one had seen before, and on Terence’s watch, no one would see. In my opinion, this is an amazing show. Although it is scripted and can feel kind of predictable at times, it still has a mass amount of twists and turns that keep your attention. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes thrillers or TV with twists and turns.