Drafted Preview Q&A


Film: Drafted

Producer: Nick Sarjeant

1.) What theme would you consider your film?

“Our film is more of a drama film rather than anything else.”

2.) Can you give a brief overview of the plot of your film?

“It is set ten years in the future, and it is about a high school senior who just graduated, he then gets drafted into the army because World War III is about to take place. But his mother is very sick and he cannot leave her because she will then be on her own and most likely won’t make it.”

3.) What inspired the storyline?

“I think it is a combination of our production teams [ideas] and based on what has happened in the past.”

4.) Through your film, what message are you conveying to your audience?

“Always do the right thing.”

5.) How is your film different than others being shown?

“Our film is a lot more dialogue rather than comedy or action. Typically there have been no drama films shown in the past, most are comedies, action adventure or documentaries, and ours is more of a combination of them all.”

6.) Can you provide details of your filming/editing process?

“It probably took 15-20 hours of filming [over the span of] November and we edited until about two days ago.”

7.) How did you pick your actors/actresses?

“Sam Ovens is our main actor [and we picked him because] he has a lot of experience in acting and such.”

8.) What can your audience expect to get out of your film?

“We want them to walk out of the film knowing that whatever does happen to them over their life, to know that if they always do the right thing and stay positive and close to their family that everything will be alright.”

9.) What was your favorite part of the creation process?

“I’d say when we were filming and all of the inside jokes and the small little things that no one noticed until you’re almost done with it.”

10.) How do you hope your audience will react?

“I hope they like it obviously but, [I hope that] our films comes out being one that is talked about and that it is one of the better films in the festival.”