House is sure to be a favorite among everyone


House. In the dictionary, it has one definition: a form of shelter. However, it is also a TV show and a last name. The TV show House has influenced me in many ways, showing me I want to become a doctor. They make it look fun; they make it look like something I could spend my life doing. And although I doubt I will head down that road, House is the first thing that truly influenced me and my decision of what I might want to do with my life.

House is a medical/mystery drama about a team of doctors who must figure out what disease their patient possesses before they possibly die. It is a race against time and the possibility of spreading an infection. The team consists of four doctors and their department head, House.

Greg House is the head of the department of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro, New Jersey. His bedside manner is one out of a different lifetime, and not in a good way. But that is all part of his character and the development of the show. He treats most of his patients badly, but the quality of his medicinal treatment is out of this world. He has these things that his team calls “House moments.” His moments happen when someone says something not closely related at all to his patient, but he relates it and that somehow leads them to the tipping point.

His team consists of many different characters over the different seasons, but the two that stay throughout are Robert Chase, otherwise known as Chase, and Eric Foreman, otherwise known as Foreman. These two always stay pretty static throughout the series but they have their times of lashing out. They are the two that, if anyone, will contradict House or do his dirty work.

There are two other characters who really make House think. Their names are James Wilson and Lisa Cuddy.

Wilson is known as House’s best friend. He is the head of the Oncology at Princeton Plainsboro, and at times that can go to his head. He gives House many of his moments and gives him advice on all of his patients. He acts like a parent while being a friend, resulting in a significant role on the show.

Cuddy plays a similar role; she is the Dean of Medicine at the hospital, so all of the tests and experiments that House wants to run on his patients have to go through her. She is the boss and she knows it. In my opinion, Cuddy is one of the best characters. She is the perfect embodiment of power with just a little bit of sass.

This show plays a large part in my life. I love it. If someone were to ask me, ” What new show should I watch on Netflix?” I would immediately recommend House. In my book, it is a 10/10 and I think it will be in yours as well.