What Inspires You?

Mackenzie Yob, Staff Writer

Inspiration is something everyone looks for in their lives. It’s something that keeps people going and allows you to succeed. Inspiration comes to different people in different ways. For me, my inspiration comes from people who do something amazing and because of that feat they change something to benefit other people.

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team is a perfect example of this. Despite several obstacles, they prevailed in winning the world cup. That alone was inspiring because they did something nobody thought they could do. They beat Germany, the number one seed, and they beat Japan who stunned them at the last world cup. They overcame everything to stand on top of a stage to hoist a cup.  

After winning the World Cup they had a lot of publicity and they decided to use the interviews to speak out about women’s soccer. They don’t just want to make it big in the US, but also the world. They are trying to inspire people all around the world by saying that your dreams are reachable and if it seems impossible keep fighting to make it possible. They want people to feel like anything can grow into a cultural phenomenon because women’s soccer has started to grow. After the World Cup, out of the total 16 games played the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has sold out 12. That’s inspiring. It shows that one thing can change everything. It shows that if nobody believes in you it doesn’t matter as long as you believe in yourself.

Another example of this is 9/11. The people who died that day did something amazing and they don’t get to be around to experience it. They changed multiple things but the biggest thing they did was inspires a nation. They inspired me. Although I’m not old enough to remember that terrible day I still see videos every year and you can see the sense of pride everyone has. Everyone had flags up because they were American. They had something in common with the firefighters and police officers who were brave enough to run back into those buildings to save strangers. Their courage was inspiring.

These two examples both instilled national pride within our nation because they were inspired by the amazing things accomplished during this time and what happened after as a result.