Noco is for the sophisticated diner


Sophie Bolen, Managing Editor of Finance

A new modern restaurant sits atop the gravesite of the beloved family friendly Forest Hills Inn. From the outside alone, it is obviously apparent that Noco Provisions is a fresh concept entirely different than the Forest Hills Inn.

The exterior of the restaurant is clean and evidently newly built. From the get-go, Noco’s sophistication is put on display with valet parking available and reservations needed. Their hip atmosphere is aesthetically pleasing with numerous perks. Drinks are served in mason jars, and light bulbs dangle from the ceiling alongside bright windows.

Noco opened on Cascade Road in late July, and they’ve been bustling with cars in their parking lot and people through their doors since. A place at a table is high in demand, so I had been curious to see what is so special about Noco.

One of the special things that I enjoyed about Noco was the short and sweet menu. The menu only took up one side and page, so I didn’t have a hard time deciding what to order. Noco focuses on catering fresh options from native Michigan artisans. Some of the popular items were burgers, steak, ribs and fried chicken. The menu also catered a plethora of vegan and vegetarian options like their gazpacho, salads and sought-after appetizers.

After considering my options, I decided to get the Beet Burger with a side of potatoes. My dish was extremely flavorful, and the beet, avocado, greens and dijonaisse blended well in between an English muffin. The side of perfectly salted potatoes were bite-size and filling with my meal. I ended up sharing most of the potatoes with the friends who went to dinner with me. They were so delicious I begged them to try a bite. Because I shared some of my meal with them, they did the same by sharing bites of their chicken, steak, and shrimp. To go with my entre, I decided to order a unique drink that is not regularly offered at restaurants: a coconut. The coconut was shaved at the bar, and a straw was stuck through the shell.

Along with the coconut, the menu offered other unique drink options. While the food and drink options were uniquely amazing, Noco is ultimately for the sophisticated diner as the menu was highly priced (for the average high school student), and each dish was carefully prepared. After receiving the bill, my three friends and I each had individual totals of $21.00, not including the tip.

It was clearly visible that Noco provided a perfect place for the company of friends. Women were dolled up with wine in hand for a girls night, guys seemed to enjoy conversation, and couples seemed to have a go-to date night spot. Noco isn’t a family restaurant or a place to grab cheap after school snacks with friends. Instead, it is the absolute ideal place for a dinner for a sophisticated palate and life, or for anyone who is willing to get a little dressed up and spend some extra cash to dine in a place with a cool ambiance with good company.