Firehouse Review

Firehouse Review

When I found out a Firehouse Subs was being put in front of Meijer, I was angry. I wanted a cool new place, not another sub shop. I’ve had my fair share of Jimmy Johns, Subway, and Blimpie, and I wasn’t looking forward to yet another boring sub shop. Firehouse Subs is a fast casual restaurant chain founded by brothers and former firefighters who had a passion for hearty and flavorful food, heartfelt service and public safety.

Thankfully, it was anything but boring. When my mom made me go, I was very surprised and impressed. Walking in, the place was red from head to toe with black and white dalmatian tables filling the dining room. Fire gear hung from the walls, and they had free fire hats for the kids who came in. The environment was fun, and it felt like it wasn’t just a food place; it had a story.  

One really nice thing about Firehouse is that you don’t have to wait until your food is ready to go and sit down. However minor this is, it makes the experience better because you don’t have to be standing up there to tell them you want pickles. You can sit back and relax while they make your sandwich just the way you like it. The staff is also friendly, with many employees also being high school students who love the food and say it is a great place to work.

Firehouse is known for their hot sandwiches. Toasting the bread and steaming the meat and cheese together is what makes these subs so unique. The prices aren’t bad either, as you can get a medium sub for $6 or a large for $8. Firehouse also serves cold subs similar to Subway and Jimmy Johns, and even these could put up a fight against any other shop.

To conclude, Firehouse is worth a second look among all of your sandwich options. Everything was clean, the workers were polite, and the food was nothing like your regular sub shop.