Player Profile: Lynsey Davison


Name: Lynsey Davion

Sport: Cross Country

Grade: Senior

After the Rangers second meet, Lynsey is improving to faster times that allows her to be a part of the varsity cross country team. She enters her second season on the cross country team.

What is your biggest inspiration throughout your athletic career?

My biggest inspiration throughout my athletic career would be my coaches as well as all of my supportive teammates from last year.

How and why did you first start cross country?

I started cross country because Hannah Anderson suggested and persuaded me into it, also because I thought it would be a good sport for getting in shape.

What is your best time that you have achieved while running in a race? What was a reason you did particularly well in that race?

A 22:10. I had a lot of motivation from lots of the varsity girls and the coaches, also I felt very healthy and well hydrated.

What is the hardest part about running cross country? Why?

“Running fast. It is insanely hard pushing your body to the limit and trying to run faster than your breath can allow.”

What do most people not know about running cross country that is an important role in running?

That you have to stay well stretched and well hydrated or risk of injuring yourself increases dramatically. Also, cheering from teammates helps motivate you a lot more than you would think.

Do you participate in any other sports at FHC? If so which is your favorite and why?

Lacrosse, because I love my team and the program as a whole. All of the coaches and my teammates are so supportive. Also, I love the sport and the feeling of making a goal.

Where are you planning on going to college and why are you interested in those colleges?

“MSU and Wisconsin, I really like the Big Ten and bigger school feel. I also like the majors they both offer and the campus life of both schools.”

What is your favorite quote about running? Why?

“Run often, run long, but don’t outrun your love of running. Because it really speaks to me as a runner and to keep enjoying every moment of my runs and to not run so much as an obligation but out of my love for the sport.” – Unknown