TCT’s The Countless Thanks: Day 4 a�� Nisha Rajakrishna

Over the 15 school days leading up to Thanksgiving, each member of The Central Trend’s staff will release a list of 5-15 people who inspire, motivate, or brighten our days. Today- Day 4- features Nisha Rajakrishna and her list of eight people who constantly enhance her day.


Ayah Ayesh – for the constant smile on her face

Ayah, I’m so lucky to have been your friend over the past few months. Even on the gloomiest winter days, you still came into Spanish last year with the brightest smile and a “good morning.” On days filled with stress, tests, and exams, I never once saw your mood deteriorate. Everyone around you is blessed with your positivity that practically radiates all around you. Your genuine kindness has always been apparent, and FHC is so lucky to have a bright and kind student. Thank you for always being the most enthusiastic, friendly person around.

Sutton Steensma – for being the one who helped me start off

Sutton, you were literally the first person I met at FHC, and I couldn’t be more grateful because I immediately felt at ease and more comfortable at my new school. From getting lost to having no one to sit with at lunch during my first week, you were always, always there for me. Though we only say ‘hi’ once or twice a week in the halls now, I’m still so grateful for everything that you did for me during my first few months here. One of the many reasons that I’m successful and content here at FHC is you.

Mrs. Lipke – for always being willing to help

Mrs. Lipke, I was very worried about coming into Pre-Calculus this year. Having not taken the first semester of Algebra 2, I was sure that this would affect my success in the class. However, from the very first time I needed help, I could tell that you would always be there to provide it. Time, effort, or energy is never a constraint for you; your top priority is helping students who want to be helped. Although I may be quiet and subdued in your class, I truly appreciate your teaching and passion every day.

Myra Elliott – for her quiet kindness

Myra, to be honest, we barely know each other. We sit next to each other in Pre-Calculus and are in the same AP Chem class. Even though we may not talk much in these classes, it’s nice to be surrounded by someone so intelligent and sharp. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met anyone who picks up math concepts as fast as you do. Thank you for always helping me out with my copious questions, even if they occasionally slow you down. I hope we can become friends as this school year progresses.

Kristen Giles – for always being able to make me smile

Kristen, from the first time I met you at lunch last year, you’ve been someone who has always been able to make me smile. From your strange games to stranger fruits, you bring joy and laughter to everyone around you. I was so lucky to meet you, and I can’t wait to experience these remaining years with you. Thank you for being the best person to eat lunch with and for making the rest of us smile.

Evie Crawford Poxon – for being my rock

Evie, although you may live in England, I hold no one in the entire world closer to my heart than you. If I ever need to talk to someone, I know that you’ll always be there. Distance, time difference, or time apart will never ever become hazards to our friendship. I miss you more than words can express, but I’m incredibly thankful to have met such a compassionate and loving person. Thank you for being one of the best people in my life.

The Quach Family – for always being there

Lani, Kayla, Auntie Binh, and Uncle Thong, I still can’t believe that we were neighbors in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, and we are now neighbors in the suburban town of Forest Hills. It’s been a pleasure to grow up alongside Lani and Kayla, and I take comfort in knowing that our families will remain friends for the dozens of years to come. Thank you for your years of endless support and friendship; my entire family is lucky to have known yours.

Tony DiMeglio – for being a familiar face

Tony, when I returned from my six-year trip around the world, I could only count on one hand the number of people I knew at FHC. I was convinced that these few people would have little remembrance of me from my days in Kentwood. You were so friendly from the very first time that we reconnected, and I’ve been very grateful for your humor and kindheartedness over these past months. Thank you for running around with me in the second grade and for laughing with me nowadays.