Inside the Classroom #10 – The End


Over eight months, one hundred and sixty thousand views, twenty-eight staff members, and thousands of stories later, Reena, Susannah, and I’s last year with The Central Trend’s is coming to an end.

And what a year it’s been.

We started our year out with a lofty goal of 150,000 views, a 50% increase from last year’s. Coming off of our break-out year, our expectations were set extremely high, but we felt that we had the talent, passion, and motivation to reach them. We took a visit to East Lansing and improved our journalistic abilities at the MIPA conference, which also served as a bonding opportunity for our staff.

We added on almost a dozen talented staff writers in the fall with the addition of the WFP introduction class, and our annual Trendsgiving banquet served as a unifying event for all. We trudged through the polar vortex with our website up and running, and avoided any decline or slippage in our effort or product throughout.

Along the way, of course, we smashed our goal of 150,000 views, and we’re currently coasting at ten thousand views above that and counting.

And in our final months, our lives became focused on the Senior Edition, and this year has held a special place in our hearts because of its correlation to us as well. As it’s currently being printed, we can’t wait to hand out over one thousand copies to students in the community and beyond in the coming weeks.

It’s surreal for us to look back over this year because, upon reflection, there was so much accomplished, but it flashed by in the blink of an eye for us. As the year comes to an end and we reflect, there are countless people that come to mind that we hold gratitude for.

To the staff, to each and every member of our twenty-eight person family, thank you for wholeheartedly fueling the fire that was the success of our publication this year. The effort, the care, and the incredible stories put forth were the most poignant demonstration of this staff’s talent. I’m not sure if anyone on staff has heard this before, but I think we just might be the best high school newspaper in the state.

This gratitude we hold extends far further than just the work put into the website itself. Over the last eight months, we’ve come to know some of the most caring, lovable, passionate people that walk the halls. I truly don’t know how we got so lucky, but it’s something that I think about a lot. Thank you to those who have stuck with us for years especially, for being the light, love, and humor in our lives countless times.

Of course, no final editors’ column would be complete without a mention to our advisor, Mr. George, for everything he’s done for both TCT and us as people this year. There are seldom times where someone makes an impact so deep that you know they’ll forever affect you, but I can say with assurance that Mr. George has done that and more for Reena, Susannah, and I this year.

As our graduation nears, there’s still a few loose ends to tie up before we walk the stage–distributing the much-anticipated Senior Edition being one of them. But for the most part, our work this year is done.

I’m proud to say that we’ve reached our goals, whether those be in terms of numbers, leadership, or overall individual growth.

From my perspective especially, I couldn’t have asked for better co-editors to tackle this year with; from the strong platform that they started this year off at, somehow Reena and Susannah grew even more as leaders and overall passionate students.

And of course, we were consistently motivated by the success and passion displayed by our Sports Editor in Chief, Molly Donovan, one who was always there for us far beyond the happenings of the website. This deep bond crafted between us four editors is undoubtedly something special that will forever be engraved within my mind.

With that, we’re preparing to pass on The Central Trend to the generations below us and with it, the tips, tricks, and lessons we’ve picked up along the way. In the past few years, it’s been built up into something bigger than anyone could’ve ever imagined, and there’s not a doubt in our minds that it’ll continue to expand and prosper in the future.

We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve accomplished this year, but now it’s time to let those we love and hold so dearly take over this publication that we hold so close to our hearts.