PRETTYMUCH enters new, masterful territory with the release of “Phases”


With three deep organ chords and a flurry of xylophonic chimes in tandem, PRETTYMUCH’s new single “Phases” commences with member Brandon Arreaga’s soulful croon, and accompanying it is a wave of emotion.

With five deeply devoted band members, Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu, fans find that each member brings a new dimension to PRETTYMUCH, and this is incredibly evident in their newest release.

They’ve found vast recent success from the international community, with millions of streams on Spotify from devoted fans. From *NYSNC to the The Backstreet Boys to One Direction and beyond, boybands have forever captured the hearts of the globe, and PRETTYMUCH is in line to be the next addition to that iconic list.

Their debut, self-titled EP, PRETTYMUCH, introduced the world to their upbeat, glowing sound. Since then, they’ve only increased their following with singles and chart-topping hits like “Teacher,” “Open Arms,” and most recently, “Summer on You.”

This track is different from previous ones in several ways, however. For one, curiously, it never reached the same level of famosity as its predecessors. With no acclaim on global streaming charts, its release simply went rather unnoticed from the greater music community.

This is especially surprising because the second difference in “Phases” is that it reaches a whole new territory not previously ventured into by the relatively new band.

From the backbone of the synth to the consistent, pitch-perfect harmonizing weaved in between the lines, “Phases” is simply a sensation. It’s hard to imagine how one song could incorporate so many elements– five voices, several instruments, and the booming synth, but it does so with ease. The whimsical melody never fails to bolster the euphony, and the song presents itself as one cohesive work.

While an avid fan of the band, one complaint about previous releases would be the slightly mainstream, quasi-singsong vibe put forth by their songs. As if PRETTYMUCH read my mind, “Phases” dissolves all of these previous concerns with its concrete message and dreamy harmonies put forth.

Rather than utilizying objectifying or accepted lyrics surrounding its subject, the band completely enters new terrain. A foundation of sympathy envelopes the song as listeners empathize with the members as they describe their quest to overcome love and loss.

Edwin and Brandon complement each others voices in a perfect harmony, as they croon the lines, “I’ll practice my patience…till fate brings you home / I’ll wait through your faces / You shuffle through phases.”

It’s not a deep, heartfelt listen that requires intense concentration to decode, but the sense of definition is ever-present in the work.

In short, the passion behind the band and good heart that each of the members holds truly shine through in this three-minute masterpiece. While the future of their discography is relatively unknown, perhaps this is the start of their transformation, maybe even followed by an upcoming album or an EP.

I can only hope that this is the beginning of a new era for PRETTYMUCH because if “Phases” is any indication of where the band is headed, it looks as if they are only just beginning to reach new heights.