Martha’s Vineyard pizza is simply the best of the best


If there’s anything I’ve taken from my adventurous, knowledgeable, food-and-coffee-loving friends in the last two years, it’s that Lyon Street is the place to be.

The cobblestone road right at the cusp of downtown Grand Rapids’ bounds is infamous for much more than just its charming aesthetic or confusing one-way rules, though. With a multitude of worthwhile eateries, cafes, and shops to frequent, I’ve come to learn that there are many valuable options found within Lyon Street’s peaceful confines.

Since discovering Martha’s Vineyard this spring, I now have yet another reason to visit Lyon Street more than I probably should.

With a charming brick exterior and delightful neighboring shops, Martha’s Vineyard exudes welcome from the minute eyes are laid upon it on it. In almost vintage fashion, its striped awning teeters over the windows with white chalk doodles covering them.

The minute I walked in, my eyes were immediately drawn to the large glass casing in front of me; contained within its bounds were over half a dozen steaming pizzas, each with an assortment of crispy, gourmet toppings.

Options like The Deluxe, The Lyon, and The Volcano are original creations from Martha’s Vineyard and ones that were all incredibly enticing. With help from the friendly staff, I settled on The Italian, a local favorite with Italian sausage, peppers, and lot and lots of cheese.

With a crispy crust, tangy, savory sauce, and perfectly roasted toppings smothered by melty cheese, I couldn’t have asked for a better meal. In a single word, it was exquisite. Because it’s a takeaway restaurant with no seating, I walked down the street to eat my pizza with my friends at a seating location nearby. I actually walked all the way back to Martha’s Vineyard for another slice, if that says anything about just how delectable their creations are.

Much like the esteemed vacation destination of Martha’s Vineyard that the restaurant is named after, there was a natural, relaxed aura associated with the eatery.”

At only $1.50 a slice, I couldn’t believe the quality I was getting for the simple change in my wallet. Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with pizza, and I can undoubtedly say that Martha’s Vineyard is the best value pizza I’ve discovered anywhere around. I’d take their gourmet goodness over a chain restaurant’s equivalent any day.

Adjacent and connected to the pizza establishment, I noticed a global food store also associated with Martha’s Vineyard. Though I didn’t have time to fully appreciate the endless options contained within its aisles, the Italian cuisine, spice, and beverage options only added to the authentic aura exuded by the establishment.

Much like the esteemed vacation destination of Martha’s Vineyard that the restaurant is named after, there was a natural, relaxed aura associated with the eatery. Despite the lack of seating inside, there was still a sense of excellent service and embrace within its walls.

As the temperature rises and I strive to find more picturesque places to spend time downtown, Martha’s Vineyard will definitely be one destination that I return to again and again.