Be grateful for everything you have


When we walked into the class of first graders at Buchanan Elementary school, all I could hear was the loud cheering of the kids, who seemed to be very excited that we had arrived. That was a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget; it immediately calmed my nerves and made me excited to meet my buddy and give him a new winter coat, even though I was nervous I would struggle to communicate with him. A few short minutes later, we all got paired off, and I got to meet my buddy named Abrigido.

Abrigido was from Guatemala and didn’t know English, but that didn’t stop him from expressing his thanks for the coat I brought to him.”

When I first showed him the coat, he had the biggest smile on his face, and then he gave me a hug. It was really nice to know how much he loved it. At this point, I felt a little bit more confident about the next hour that I’d spend with him. So after a few more minutes of getting to know each other, Abrigido’s teacher gave us a game to play.

While we were playing this game, Abrigido’s innocence and purity became abundantly clear. Abrigido kept saying thank you, for the coat, for being nice, for playing with him, he had so much gratefulness. After we played our game we went outside for a short recess, where we played tag, and a few minutes later it was already time for us to leave. I was sad that I had to leave Abrigido, and I wished I could take him home with me. He gave me one last hug, and then I got back on the bus with the rest of my class.

On the ride home, my friends and I talked about how grateful all our buddies were, and about how much we have, and how much we don’t appreciate what we have. I felt guilty for not telling my parents how thankful I am for them, and everything they do for me. I felt guilty for not telling my friends, teachers, and coaches that they’re appreciated. Abrigido taught me to be grateful for everything I have in my life.