Music is always constant in my daily life


Anyone who is even remotely close to me knows how much I listen to music. It’s almost becoming a problem. Whenever I’m at my computer doing homework, writing an article, or just browsing the web, I’m always listening to music. I despise driving without something to listen to. Classes where I can’t listen to music drag on for what feels like years. After getting home from school, the first thing I do is put on my headphones or slip my earbuds in. I am absolutely addicted to listening to music.

Even a year ago, I didn’t listen to music anywhere as near as much as I do now– the habit simply started out of nowhere, and I’ve grown used to always having something playing since. Study sessions are always accompanied by 24/7 Youtube music radios, and I find myself struggling to find even the most basic form of focus without listening to music while I work.

Luckily for me, this addiction has let me expand my music taste outside of what I may have listened to in years past, and it has further cemented my opinions on what artists I like and dislike. My friends are all too aware of my cult-like worship of Kanye West, and the fact that I’ll listen to a song on loop until I’ve grown to hate it. I’ll always happily share a playlist, album, or new song that I’ve fallen in love with at only a text away.

I must say, I’m glad that I listen to copious amounts of music. I’ve been able to expand my tastes and have something keep me entertained at nearly all times. I’m going to continue to listen to music while doing homework, going to bed, and anywhere and everywhere in between until I run out of music to listen to– meaning if I’m lucky, never.