A thank you to the 2017 FHC football players

I used to hate the student section. I really did. Being a freshman was terrifying for me, and I loathed sitting there. I was there to watch football, and that was it. I didn’t care for the sloshing smoothies being thrown, I didn’t like being pushed, and the only thing I liked to do was watch the game. But, that was difficult considering as a freshman your designated spot is the top row.

As time passed, I saw football game attendance became more of an expectation rather than a fun occasion during my first two years of high school.

It wasn’t until my junior year things changed.

Our team became good- really good- for the first time in years. I remember going to every game, and the environment changed. Many students now watched the game and focused more on the field rather than the social aspects of the game. It was that year when I began to look forward to every single Friday so I could watch the game. We made it to the regional final, and it was just an incredible season. Honestly, no one expected the 2017 season to top the last one.

But somehow, you all kept growing and improving more and more.

Thank you for giving everyone something to stand behind. Thank you for making an unreplicable experience for all the students.”

We went undefeated in conference and every single Friday became a better experience than the last. I felt such an overall feeling of community among everyone in the school due to us all rooting for you, and it was one of the coolest things to be a part of.

So I wanted to take a moment to thank every single football player who was a part of the 2017 season.

Every single player had such an important role to play on the team. Even if you didn’t get all the glory and playing time, your role was so important. The balance of players was just an impeccable dynamic that I don’t believe could be replicated anytime soon. You all worked so hard, and because of your hard work, you gave everyone an experience they will never forget. Without all of you, my senior year would not have had the unforgettable start it did.

Although the season didn’t end at Ford Field the way so many of us hoped it would, I can speak for not only myself but for the community in saying we’re all so proud of you.

You all overcame odds and challenges that no one predicted you would. You never stopped working, and it showed. You all had an important part to play, and you all stepped into your roles ready to give it your all.

So thank you. Thank you for your sacrifices this season. Thank you for giving everyone something to stand behind. Thank you for making an unreplicable experience for all the students.

You will go down as one of the greatest teams in FHC history in not only my mind but so many others.