Most recent release from Vesperteen proves the hype around him is authentic

Most recent release from Vesperteen proves the hype around him is authentic

They say that good things come to those who wait, and this universal truth is sometimes applicable to the music world. Artists who take a long time to come out with new material sometimes tend to let fans down when their new material is sub-par. However, this can also occur when new music comes into the world after a long wait; but, it was worth every second of creation that it took. Vesperteen’s latest release The Hype is Dead, shows that the hype for almost two years surrounding his new music was well worth it.

Colin Rigsby is the man behind the project Vesperteen. His first EP caused him to gain popularity in the underground music scene. A large amount of excitement followed his most recent album due to the fact that it has been almost three years since his first EP release.

In a unique twist, Rigsby allowed fans to purchase this release in person at his huge headline concert at Newport hall almost three weeks before the online launch. This allowed true fans to have the chance to experience his music almost a whole month before anyone else. Although this may seem unusual, this solidified the bond Rigsby has with fans. Shockingly enough, no leaks of the release were present on the internet despite the large number of people who had access to the music. This was an incredible display of trust on behalf of the artist, which was an interesting thing to witness.

The EP opens with “Fifteen Minutes.” The verses are unique and enjoyable, but the chorus of the song stands out the most. The chorus has a choppy element that enhances the song as a whole. With this song as the opening, the energy for the rest of the record is set, and it builds anticipation for the rest of the remaining tracks.

The second track, “Memory,” starts strong with a unique intro. The intro to the song sets the tone for what is yet to come. With an amazing pre-chorus that builds energy, the listener is surprisingly taken aback when the first chorus is lacking, and instead, the listener is shocked with some mellow guitar. Then, the second chorus picks up with energy and keeps the listener on edge. This song is far from a conventional song, but I enjoyed how it didn’t conform to any simple pattern or what is expected.

“Speed of Light” is a very distinct song that truly uncovers the creative talents of Rigsby. This song, with its captivating intergalactic vibes, is a fresh take on music. The presence of the element of drums also showcases Rigsby’s musicality and his versatility.  

“It Will Never Be Enough” is the standout track on the EP for me by far. The track has a wonderful summer feel. The edgy, adventurous, and rebellious energy keeps the listener engaged. The rhythm and lyrics make this the most mainstream song so far on the release, but I found it to be a stand-out track that will please many, without giving into the Top 40 sound.

The only track that feels slightly below the bar was the track “Medicine.” Don’t get me wrong, it was a good track; however, the song lacked the complexity the other songs possessed. I was not a fan of the layered vocals, but it will grow on you as a listener.  I truly think the vocals in the verses helped redeem the song as a whole. The song is flowing and cohesive, which allows the vocals to shine. I enjoyed this song, but I will not come back to listening to it like the others.

The EP wraps with “Blue.” This track is simply breathtaking. From the first few bars, I had a sensory experience that I quite frankly have never had with music prior to this song. This song is blue. The color is captured perfectly in the instrumentals and vocals. The song is so soothing to my soul; I could listen to it on a loop for 48 hours and not get sick of it. This is more than just a song. Quite frankly, this song cannot be captured with words. This song is an experience and is a must listen for any music fanatic.

This release was well worth the wait. It may have taken a long time to create it, but the craftsmanship present in each song gives Rigsby a leg up on other alternative artists. The Hype is Dead is an essential for any person yearning for pop music sound without listening to another cliche song. The Hype is Dead will be available on May 18th, and it is a needed release in the music world, for it truly is a game changer.