Player Profile: Matthew Mahoney


Ali Czarnecki, Sports Report

Name: Matthew Mahoney
Grade: Freshman
Sports: Basketball
What is your favorite part of basketball?
“My favorite part is how anyone on the team can make a contribution.”
How has this year gone as a freshman?
“Really good, it’s been easy adjusting to the new school.”
What are you most looking forward to this year for basketball?
“I’m looking forward to our whole program taking a trip to Traverse City. It will be a good time to bond with the team and have fun!”
What is your favorite gas station food? Why?
“I don’t like any, gas station food is nasty.”
Who is your favorite teacher and why?
“I like Mr. Fisher because he makes class really fun; he relates to us and acts like a student.”
What do you like to work on at practice? Does it help your performance?
“I like working on post moves because it helps me become a better player down low.”
What is your motivation to play basketball?
“My motivation is my dad, he used to play and seeing videos of him playing in high school made me want to play.”
What is your favorite quote? Why?
“”Never give up and take nothing for granted in life”- Dwayne Wade. I like this quote because never giving up to me means to keep working hard through the struggles and you will find success. The second part of this quote I like because I want to enjoy every part of the basketball season and high school in general because it will be over before I know it.”