Appreciating the little moments with my grandparents


The past year or so I have thought more profoundly about the influence different people have had on me, whether it is someone from church, a teacher, or even someone I look up to in my family. Someone who comes to mind when thinking about who I have not shown my gratefulness adequately to is my grandparents.


I am thankful for you pouring into me. I thank you for showing me love– for showing me your passions and sharing so many great memories over the years. You are a colorful part of my life and have always been someone who makes me think deeper about the simple things in life.

The memories of my childhood heavily involve you. Some of my favorites include picking rhubarb in your backyard to make delicious canned jelly while listening to Josh Groban and our extravagant tea parties in which we dressed up, had makeup applied for the first time, and ate a plethora of sweet treats and heart shaped sandwiches.

The little trinkets you gave us grandkids under our pillow at every sleepover, whether they were Oreos, coloring pages, or even nail polish, were always such a surprise that was always cherished. I hope one day I can do the same for mine and pass down the sleepover traditions.


I will forever appreciate your laugh. Your jokes are always made so much more funny because you laugh at your own jokes. I can always count on you to make me smile.

Your laugh is contagious to everyone you meet. You have a tender heart that is so dear and greatly loved. I have many memories with you as well. A favorite of mine was going to Grand Haven to get Pronto Pups and walking the pier. From the times we watched the thunderstorms together at the cottage in Spring Lake to playing Parcheesi in the basement, we have shared so many laughs together, and I have learned to not take them for granted.

Looking back on life, you were always a part of my favorite and fondest memories. Thanks for all of the hugs, giggles, treats, and smiles. I have endless love and thankfulness for the two of you.

Last week when I went over to your house to drop off some cookies and chat for a little while, the conversation we had for even the small amount of time was so special. There is something about talking to both of you that is so pure and excites me. Your love is clearly shown to those you care for. Thank you to the both of you; you two have impacted me in a higher way than you could possibly imagine or that I could display.

Always with love,