Junior Meg Meekhoff swings into the sport of golf with passion


Through all of the crazy ups and downs high school has to offer and through the support of her close-knit community, junior Meg Meekhof has managed to accomplish a great deal within the sport of golf.

“In the fall, I play golf for the school,” Meg said. “When it’s not the season, I am doing golf in the spring outside, and in the winter, I usually go to the simulator at the middle school with Mr. TenEyke. Then all summer, I am golfing as well at Cascade Hills Country Club.”

From her continuous training in and out of season, it is apparent that Meg consumes a majority of her time golfing. However, it hasn’t always been this way; in recent years, she discovered her passion for the sport, rather than simply enjoying it as a pastime. 

“I started to golf when I was seven, and then I stopped for a little bit,” Meg said. “I picked it back up in eighth grade. [I’ve been playing] basically all my life. I knew how but didn’t start getting good until my freshman year. Freshman year was when I started to compete.”

The uniqueness of golf is what initially drew Meg in at first.

“I like golf because no one else does it,” Meg said. “It’s a small sport, but it’s still competitive. [I like how] it is a sport I can do for the rest of my life because it is not as hard on your joints as like running.”

However, the sport is not without hardships and obstacles to overcome. When the team sticks together though, there is nothing that they cannot accomplish. The support of her teammates was another thing that drew Meg to this community. Small memories of going to Qdoba after a match are ones that Meg will cherish for years to come because of the strong camaraderie on the team.

“When I got onto varsity, we were all super close,” Meg said. “We still are very close, and it’s just amazing [being] so close to your teammates. We are such a small group of people, and I love Mr. TenEyk. He is such a great guy, so playing for him was so much fun. The season went by so fast.”

As Meg developed as a golf player, she found her strengths and weaknesses. She found herself honing in on her skills with different shots. Finding her shots was essentially what helped her discovered her love for the game.

“Usually, I am more of a short game person, which is getting the ball in the green,” Meg said. “I tee off with a driver when I hit my first shot to try and get it as close to the green as possible. [Currently] my favorite club is my Seven Iron because it goes really far, and it’s just a clean swoop. It’s my best club, so I usually don’t mess up [when I use it].”

Although golf is merely a high school sport for many, for Meg, it is a sport that she will be playing for the rest of her life. With the camaraderie of the team and the thrill of golfing, Meg knows she will always love this sport.

“I hope to play golf in college,” Meg said. “It is really difficult to make a golf team in college, but that is a goal of mine. I would love to play [in college]. I will always play golf [whether I make the team or not].”