Through a multitude of activities Caroline Delaney meets a diverse group of people


Meeting new people is difficult for some. It can be nerve-wracking trying to leave that good first impression. For sophomore Caroline Delaney, however, meeting new people every day is like second nature.

Starting from a young age, meeting people was something Caroline had to get used to, as she moved a few times before finally settling down here in Grand Rapids.

“My family has moved around a lot,” Caroline said. “I was born in Texas, my older sister was born in New Jersey, and my brother was born in Delaware.”

Once she landed here in Michigan, Caroline finally felt ready to put her roots in the ground and not have to worry about moving anymore.

“I still remember coming here back in elementary school and just feeling so nervous about everything,” Caroline said.

Now in high school, she has finally found her place in the world doing many different things. One place Caroline frequently visits is IHOP. This is where she got her first part-time job working as a waitress.

“I found my job at IHOP after my friend Kati told me she could get me an interview,” Caroline said. “They asked me weird questions I was not expecting from a job interview, but then they asked me when I could start, and I told them as soon as possible.”

Working at IHOP has allowed for Caroline to have many unique experiences and meet many unique people.

“You meet plenty of weird and interesting people,” Caroline said. “I’ve met people who have talked to me about how they think the moon landing is fake and just some people that seem crazy.”

Along with the great experiences her job has given her, it has also allowed for her to learn skills for later in life. These skills include dealing with some difficult people.

“One time I had this table that was just rude,” Caroline said. “From their drink orders to me making one small mistake on their bills, they were flat out mean. Not even just these people, but all my customers have taught me something.”

Along with working on weekends, Caroline finds interest in other parts of her busy schedule. During freshman year, she found a new interest in rowing for the crew team.

“It started with everyone just saying “join crew, join crewa�� and my friend and I planned to do it together; it was just a fun sport,” Caroline said. “I tried plenty of other sports like baseball and swimming and others but now I found crew, and I really like it.”

For Caroline, crew was more than a sport. It was a way for her to meet more people and become close with those she rowed with.

“I just remember being in the room with the ergs and how painful it was, but the whole team was suffering together, and that brought us closer together,” Caroline said.

Through her other passions such as singing and Sign Language, Caroline has found even more people around her who share her passions.

Throughout her life, Caroline has moved three times, tried different sports, worked as a waitress, and found new interests. The biggest part of all of this to her is all the people she meets and how they affect her life.

“I meet new people every day– not just at work and choir,” Caroline said. “At regattas, you meet people from everywhere, and it’s just interesting meeting people from other places with different views and experiences in their lives.”