Am I Worthy?


I leaned over the table, admiring the necklaces, bracelets, and rings. My friend next to me gasped and grabbed my hand, then pointed to the Hogwarts crest necklace to my left. My other friends across the table were also calling to me, shouting over the sound of four thousand people enjoying Grand Rapids Comic Con to look at the Mockingjay and Captain America pocket watches. I marveled at them all, telling the couple who ran the booth how incredible their products were.

I wandered to the side with the pocket watches, discovering that next to the watch, Captain America’s shield was a simple necklace as well. Next to that, I saw Thor’s hammer, downsized to fit on a silver chain.

I asked my friends (or really, yelled – Devos Place was crowded) which one I should buy. I was torn, especially because I don’t have a favorite Avenger. I would’ve gladly bought both. But I wasn’t sure which one I would actually end up wearing.

The man behind the counter chuckled and jokingly said, “Are you worthy of the hammer?”

I laughed, then proceeded to pick up the little hammer and swing the chain from my hand. “I guess I am.”

In the Marvel Comics, the story is that Thor is the only one who can lift and use his hammer because he is the only one worthy of its power. This is one part of his story that has always stuck with me, and I didn’t really understand why until this past weekend when I bought that necklace.

After I paid the couple for it and thanked them, I put the chain around my neck and wore it for the rest of the day. It wasn’t until the following morning when I put the hammer on again that I realized my connection to it.

The words “Am I worthy?” are something that I feel like everyone has thought at some point in their life. They question if they are worthy of their job; if they deserve to work for their company and if it benefits anyone at all. They question if they are worthy of their friends; if the people they choose to spend time with are actually grateful for the close relationship they share. They question if they are worthy of their family; if the people they are related to value the blood that they share, and whether or not it means anything to them. They question if they are worthy of love.

They might even question if they are worthy of life.

This necklace is something that I’m going to keep close to my heart, now that I have realized how much it means to me. It serves a purpose, this little silver hammer that hangs around my neck. It reminds me that when things get dark, to keep going. To remember that there is a tomorrow that will be better. To not focus on the bad, and to think about all the good that has happened each day. It reminds me on even the good, great, and fantastic days that are filled with adventure to cherish the memories. To think about all the good days that add up and make an amazing life.

It reminds me that I am worthy.