New Sparrows location provides a desired study atmosphere


Surrounded by groups of people as they talk to one another, study, create, and even play games, the new Sparrows Coffee & Tea & Newsstand on Bridge Street has created a place of gathering.

I go to a coffee shop a minimum of once a week. I drink a minimum of two cups of coffee a day. Therefore, it is safe to say I love coffee shops. The founding location of Sparrows is on Wealthy Street. They then expanded their shop to the Bridge Street location. I’ve been a customer of the Sparrows on Wealthy and will continue to be, but I love the atmosphere of the Bridge Street location for different reasons.

The mellow atmosphere combined with twinkling lights streaming across the windows creates the perfect study setup. The neutral colors with the pop of gold throughout are aesthetically pleasing. Nine black tables, two window booths, and a couple orange chairs make for a cozy and quaint seating arrangement. When I spent my Sunday afternoon there, I brought along my paint supplies and my journal, plugged in my headphones, and drank my latte. I had no issue keeping my focus, due to the simple yet pleasing atmosphere.

I’m a fan of dark roasted, black, bitter coffee, but sometimes I like to spice it up to give my taste buds a little party. I ordered the Major Major, a sweetened condensed milk and caramel latte. It was served steaming hot and topped off with detailed latte art design. I savored every sip; I didn’t want an end to the drink. I wish I could start off every day with that drink. Due to the prices, however, I would break the bank if I did that.

With exams just around the corner, Sparrows is an ideal place to study. I know I will definitely be going back many times to come.