Kyle Zevchik is doing everything he loves through his sophomore year

Hannah Kos

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A bright laugh, a big smile, and a good attitude follow sophomore Kyle Zevchik wherever life takes him, whether that be the course, the Xbox, or all the way to Ohio.

Kyle is involved in numerous activities that keep him busy including sports, the Fortnite community, and his group of friends. Add that to his crazy life at home, and you find a kid that never finds himself bored.

“I drive,” Kyle said. “I go to school. I play football, golf, and lacrosse [depending on the season]. I come home and do homework. I play some Fortnite. You know, the whole day.”

Up until last year, Kyle played football but realized that school was more important.

“It was really fun for the time being– the last six years– but there were more important things taking up my time,” Kyle said.

Since golf and lacrosse are in the same season, Kyle has found himself having to choose between the two. In his early years of lacrosse, Kyle was a middie, something he really enjoyed. But, after breaking his foot on two separate occasions, he was moved to be a goalie– something he didn’t enjoy quite as much. Because of this, his decision to choose golf this year was much easier.

“Last year, I played lacrosse,” Kyle said, “but this year I’m playing golf. I wanted to pursue golf because it is less painful and a lot more fun. And, I’d have to go with golf [being my favorite] since I’ve been doing it since I was five years old.”

Kyle also finds himself playing golf all summer, so he knew that this was the right choice.

“I like that I can hit low scores and that it’s so relaxing,” Kyle said. “I like that I can play with friends, and we all have such a good time on the course just hanging out.”

Even though Kyle has yet to play on the school team, he aims to make the varsity team. He hopes that his long hours on the course over the years have allowed him to average a low enough score to get him a spot among the other varsity players.

When Kyle isn’t at school or playing sports, he finds himself at home. This can be a little weird at time, because his home frequently changes, but not in the way most would assume.

“Every week, my parents are gone,” Kyle said. “I pretty much live with the Kramer family [Senior Colleen Kramer and sophomore Tim Kramer]. My parents both work in Columbus, Ohio, but at least one of them come home every weekend.”

For a lot of sophomores in high school, the lack of parental influence during the week would prove to be difficult while going from day-to-day tasks; however, because of the Kramer family’s positive influence and Kyle’s independent nature, he has learned to thrive in this unique situation.

“It’s kind of nice– the freedom,” Kyle said. “I get to do a lot of what I want to do. It’s a lot like being in college, and that’s cool. But also, over the last four years of being neighbors with the Kramers, [they] have become my second family and really earned my parents’ trust to leave me with them every week.”

This has only brought Tim, Kyle’s best friend, and him closer considering the fact that they spend almost every night together.

“We play a lot of Fortnite,” Kyle said. “We have a lot of fun messing around on the game and winning– it’s the best.”

With all aspects of his life, Kyle is thriving no matter the obstacle thrown at him. He is soaring through the year taking it all in as he goes through his day-to-day activities and lives his best life. Kyle has a good outlook on life and prefers to live by his own motto.

“The happiest of times are all the time” – Kyle Zevchik