Senior Lynsey Davison finds herself through the love and support of her teammates


Through the athletics that FHC has to offer, senior Lynsey Davison is graduating with experiences that will last a lifetime. She credits all of it to the teammates who have helped her grow to be the energetic, loving person that she is now.

Lynsey began noticing a pattern: the more time she spent in high school, the more she found herself unfolding to find herself through new activities. She started to venture out into more opportunities and take chances on things that she wouldn’t have found herself doing at the start of freshmen year.

“You usually stay in your groups before senior year, but once senior year [arrives], you start to branch out because you know that everyone is leaving,” Lynsey said. “You start to hang out with a bunch of different groups of people and do so many fun things as a class; [everyone] just unites and bonds.”

At the start of high school, Lynsey had only tried out for the lacrosse team. Little did she know the path she was on was going to lead her to join multiple sports by the end of her senior year.

“[During my senior year,] I ran for the varsity cross country team and was on the ski team in the winter,” Lynsey said. “In the spring, I will be on the varsity lacrosse team. I’ve been playing lacrosse for eight years, but it wasn’t until sophomore year that I started skiing. It was a really good decision because I love the ski team, and it’s so fun. I get to hang out with all my friends, and a lot of fun people are on the team. Then, I joined cross country junior year to stay in shape.”

Like all sports, there are difficulties and obstacles to overcome, but more importantly, victories are won. This is Lynsey’s favorite part about running: the victorious feeling of finishing the race. The dedication and hard training have their price, but the winning is the rewarding gift that makes it all worth the tears and sweat.

“All the people on the [cross country] team are so supportive and nice; they all help you out. It’s [such a hard sport] and the people help motivate you,” Lynsey said.

Through these sports, Lynsey has found unexpected passions and friendships. The girls on the cross country team shaped her to develop an encouraging mindset.

Lynsey has no regrets about high school, but she still wishes she had found the courage to try her upperclassman experiences earlier in high school. Regardless, Lynsey is beyond glad she found them and appreciates everything they have given her. Likewise, she recommends trying new things to anyone and everyone because she believes that no matter how hard it is, it is worth it in the end.

“Don’t be afraid to join new things and new sports or activities. Definitely get out there to the sporting events. Just get involved in school activities and join clubs,” Lynsey said. “Put yourself out there, [and] don’t be afraid to ask for help.”