Humans of FHC: Ashley Ward


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“Well, summer homework did not go very well for me. For AP Lang, we had to read Brave New World, and I kind of crammed that in at the end of the summer. The AP World History homework, when I started that, it ended up not being the right homework because it got changed last minute. So, then…yeah…that just didn’t really happen; I didn’t really end up doing much for AP World.

AP Lang was definitely a lot harder than I expected it to be. AP World is hard, and it’s a lot of work, but Mr. Anderson makes it fun and easier to enjoy. But AP Lang is hard. I definitely think [taking these classes] made me do my homework a lot more because taking AP World, if you don’t do the reading, you will fail the quest that we have every week. And with AP Lang, I think it’s made me a much better writer than I was before. The beginning of the year started off rough, but as I kept working on it, my scores kept getting a little better every time; I think I’m improving.”