Views from up above

Views from up above

There’s nothing like being on a plane. Not the feeling of physically being on the plane itself per se, because I’m quite uncomfortable when I’m crammed in a metal box in the sky with three hundred other people. Rather, there’s a feeling unlike any other purely associated with being in the sky. My excitement about the destination builds up as the wheels of the plane slowly lift off the tarmac.

From the minute I’m in the air, I know that I’m venturing out farther and farther from home. There’s a certain degree of uncertainty in flying, a slight fear of the unknown. Each mile I travel represents breaking further past my boundaries a little more: a little push towards variability. Things might deviate off path, things might go wrong, things might even go completely awry. But, the degree of ambiguity is a small price to pay for the unwavering knowledge and culture I know I’ll gain from it all.

Equally, the farther I travel from home, the more I creep towards my destination. An anticipation of what’s to come builds up as I see the little electronic plane inch closer and closer to the airport on my seat-back TV. Weeks, perhaps months, of planning is culminating right before my eyes. I imagine myself laying on the beach, exploring a forest, or getting lost in market alleyways in just a few hours. I think about the people I’m going to see and the places I’m going to go, and I begin buzzing with excitement.

It feels surreal to see life going on beneath me while I, almost omniscient, peer down from up above.”

From my seat thousands of feet above, I can just barely make out the ground below me. Cars zooming down the highway look like ants slowly creeping on their way home. Being secluded from society, even if only for a few hours, brings about a certain sense of peace. I’m discluded from whatever is happening on the ground, and the short break leaves time for individual contemplation. It feels surreal to see life going on beneath me while I, almost omniscient, peer down from up above.

And as the landing gears shift on and the landing announcements commence, all the feelings of anticipation, excitement, and suspense are only amplified. Though the plane may be nearing its destination, I know that my trip is just taking off.