Humans of FHC: Caroline Whyte


“I’m very excited [to go to University of Miami]. I have my roommate, and she’s very nice. I’ve met a lot of really cool people. It’s kind of surreal that I’ll be in Florida. I’m very excited for this new chapter, but I’m a little anxious though.

I made my decision pretty soon after I got the letter.  My parents and I were discussing everything about it. It’s kind of a pricey school because it’s private. I made my decision when I weighed out all my options and saw that I would be so content living and studying there for the next four years.

They offer a diverse selection of majors that I’m interested in. I’m currently majoring in Media Management, but I might change to Music Business. That’s really cool that they have degrees that are really successful, as well, and they’re some of the best. The campus is just beautiful. It was the first time I walked onto a campus and just felt like that was home.

I know I’ll miss my parents and my dog. I’ve kind of gotten used to living away from my sister because she’s been in college, but I’m pretty good at long distance friend and family relationships. [On] breaks, it’ll be really nice to come home. “