Inside the Classroom #1 — Welcome


Welcome to Room 140 (affectionately dubbed Room 139 ¾ by its inhabitants), home of The Central Trend.

Coming off our year of prosperity, we are so excited to continue providing content to both our loyal readers and new visitors. While we take pride in our capacity to share stories of the school, we wanted to give viewers an inside look at what goes on in our classroom and an in-depth view at, well, us– the writers.

In my tri-weekly editor’s column, I’m hoping that updating our audience on our happenings and allowing them to get know the minds behind The Central Trend will help our readers to feel more connected to us. While continuing to serve as “The Student Voice of FHC,” we want to continue to blossom into a mechanism for community recognition.

The beginning of the year has brought excitement to all involved in our publication. Last year, several members of our staff poured hours into developing the “classroom” we call home, decorating it with funky furniture and more. While it’s physically a classroom like any other, our staff transformed it to become unlike any other in the building, decked out with comfy couches, snazzy lamps, and pops of color everywhere you look. Even the walls have been painted a refreshing blue to reflect the lively spirit between them.

This was even further developed this year, as we rearranged the room, added in new systems, and spread our influence to the bulletin boards outside the classroom. We put all this effort in and continue to maintain our room because it has become a place we truly love. It is a safe place, one that will always have a friendly face in it to laugh or cry with. As a result, students of FHC associate more than just journalism with Room 140: it has become a room known for its kindness, love, and welcoming people.

While at the beginning of the year, there are only eight TCT staff writers, I truly believe we have the best staff this website has seen yet. Every single member is dedicated to our publication and is extremely excited to perform their individual responsibilities, whether it be editing, assigning stories, public relations, or social media. With writers from almost every grade, each member brings something different, and we could not be more ready to take on this year together.

At the end of the day, this year, The Central Trend is going to continue doing what we do best: telling the stories of FHC and its community. We are so grateful for the following we have picked up from students, their families, and beyond. While we continue to publish and expand, the “Inside the Classroom” portion of the 2018-19 editors’ column series will share the events of our staff from our beloved room and, as a result, allow us to connect with our community even more.