Bohemian Rhapsody increased my love for Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody increased my love for Queen

The moment I saw the ad for the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I became ecstatic. I am in love with Queen’s music; the variety of elements in each of their songs makes them seem fearless.

However, I was not fearless as the lights slowly dimmed in the packed theater. I was worried that it would be like a boring documentary about plants or that it would ruin my perception of the legendary band Queen.

That was not the case.

Bohemian Rhapsody starts with a flash forward to the band walking on stage. A massive crowd cheers for them. All of a sudden, Freddie has long hair and is sitting quietly on a bus stop bench. This creates an element of mystery and left me wanting more.

Every time Queen had a concert, it felt as if I was there, as if I was one of the fans cheering so loudly I would not have a voice the next day.

This movie and the actors/actresses were able to capture the emotional rollercoaster that was Freddie Mercury’s life. While his life appeared to fall apart before him, I felt his pain deeply. The disapproval of his father made me want to rebel alongside him. When he finally did something his father approved of, Freddie was embraced in a warm bear hug and my vision became blurry from tears.

Bohemian Rhapsody would not be complete without the cliché “breakup” scene in the rain ending with Freddie walking down the driveway into the cold, wet night. To give the viewers time to gather their emotions, the producers intelligently included snarky comments from the band members every so often.

The special effects were sparse but incredible. They aided in creating intense emotions for the few scenes they were in. One of those scenes showed Freddie being hounded by the press. The reporters’ voices merged into a chaotic mass, and the sides of the screen began to blur around his face.

At the very end of the movie, the band was shown walking off stage in slo-mo. This moment created a thick fog of emotions that loomed over the silent theater.

There were multiple camera angles that added to the creativity of Bohemian Rhapsody. One scene showed the repetitive circular motion of a variety of wheels. For many of Queen’s concerts, the crowd was zoomed in and out on, making it more personal.

The costumes in Bohemian Rhapsody were very with the times. Most of them were the same as what the actual band members wore for their concerts. Even the less important details, like hair, were pretty much the same. In fact, Rami Malek, who played Freddie Mercury, wore a fake mustache and teeth in order to fully embody his character.

This movie was not only entertaining, but it was also informative. I learned a lot about Freddie Mercury and Queen as a whole. Seeing how the band created some of their most iconic songs was fascinating. Even though the members fought a lot and broke-up for a little while, they were still a closely-knit family. Queen and the individual members were truly amazing.

Bohemian Rhapsody is a must-see movie. I didn’t think it was possible, but my love for Queen grew after watching it.