Little was everything I expected and more


There is a meager amount of comedy movies that have a good message, and most of them are older. It has been a while since one was played in movie theaters.

Well, that changed on April 12 when a new movie called Little was added to that list.

Little is a comedy and fantasy with a bit of romance thrown in, and it is about a woman named Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall) who is incredibly wealthy from running her own company. She is an aggressive and cruel boss that no one seems to like.

What could very well be the worst time for any complications, Jordan wakes up as her middle school self (Marsai Martin). And as a child, Jordan was not exactly popular; in fact, she was actually the opposite. Back then, he hated herself and couldn’t wait to grow up.

The rest of the movie portrays her struggle of balancing the current Jordan’s life and the child Jordan’s life. Trying to run a company and getting bullied in school at the same time is not exactly easy. For support, she drags her assistant April Williams (Issa Rae) along with her on this unpredictable journey.

This inconvenient adventure may have only lasted about a week, but Jordan learned many things. As she learned, the audience learned, and an impressive message was established.

Little explains that it is better to be yourself than to fall in line with everyone else. There might be people that bully or judge you but don’t let them get to you. Fighting for individuality, whether it’s your’s or someone else’s, is the right thing to do.

Fighting for individuality, whether it’s your’s or someone else’s, is the right thing to do.”

After sitting in the squishy chairs of the movie theater for almost two hours, I felt empowered. It felt like I could touch the stars shining brightly above me.

Having a valuable message was not the only thing I enjoyed about Little though. The sets were absolutely astonishing; everything was so bright and colorful. A rainbow must have been standing in front of the screen.

The apartments were precisely decorated to fit each character’s personality. The middle school was giving me flashbacks to when I was that age. I was ready to pack my things and live in the movie alongside the characters.

The costumes were just as extraordinary as the sets. They also fit the characters’ personalities well. To show Jordan’s wealth, she wore many outfits that were elegant yet bold. April was not as stylish or wealthy compared to Jordan; she sported more laid-back style clothing.

Little is definitely a 2019 movie; the minor details correctly depict this year. Many things such as crop tops, ripped jeans, and fun glasses can be seen. However, clothing and accessories were not the only things. Almost every middle schooler has an iPhone with a Snapchat-like app. I can’t forget about the iconic Fortnite dance moves.

Every actor and actress was excellent; they each portrayed the emotions of each scene wonderfully. I particularly enjoyed the skills of Marsai Martin who played the younger Jordan. She had to express a variety of emotions due to the many situations Jordan was put in.

This comedy got the entire audience to laugh in unison. Since it is rated PG-13, many of the jokes and humorous moments were meant for teenagers or older, although they were not particularly crude or uncomfortable. Little definitely got the belly laugh it deserved.

There were times when the laughter connected the members of the audience. I found myself sharing a couple of smiles with the woman sitting next to me. For the duration of the movie, we were in a bubble of euphoria.

Little has made it on my list of favorites. I would definitely recommend it to those looking for a good laugh and some inspiration.