Humans of FHC: Ella Guikema

“This fall, whoever [wanted to] from choir went to Chicago to go see Hamilton. [On the way there] we were all sending [Mr. Ivory] jokes [on RemindMe], like music jokes or choir teacher jokes. And over the intercom–the entire first half hour, maybe even an hour of the trip–he was just talking and telling all of our jokes as they were coming in.
It was a really, really fun trip. We ate out, and we just wandered Chicago with all of [our] choir friends. It was funny seeing the restaurants just [covered with] choir kids. It was a fun experience with my friends seeing such a cool show, too.
We spent the night in a hotel over there. We went out for dinner but we went at like 6:00. Then, we were back at the hotel at 11 and starving with no food. And there was a security officer posted outside all of our doors so none of us could go out to the vending machine or anything. We were in a text group with Mr.¬†Ivory, and my friends were texting him, trying to get him to bring us up pizza. He wouldn’t. My friend seriously considered trying to scale out the window.”