Inside the Classroom #6 – A day one hundred reflection


It’s been approximately twenty weeks since my senior year started, and I don’t even want to imagine what it would have been like without the blessing in my life that is The Central Trend.

There’s been around one hundred days of school, meaning that I’ve walked in and out of Room 139 over one hundred times; this might seem like a large number, but to be honest, I was shocked by its minisculinity. That number pales in comparison to the love, memories, smiles, laughs, tears, of both happy and sad origins, and above all, words, that have been a product of this publication.

One might think I’m exaggerating, or doubt that all of this emotion could stem from a simple school newspaper. But it’s not the work, leadership, or even the words that most of my enthusiasm descents from. Simply put, it’s the people.

The highlight of our first semester was undoubtedly the staff and the incredible connections forged between each member. With only eight permanent writers, the coterie of minds and personalities intertwined to create an including, incredible atmosphere like no other. I’m proud to be friends with a staff so caring, hilarious, kind, and unique. Not to mention the unbelievable writing talent that my peers hold.

With these seven, I experienced adventures far past our classroom. From far-out adventures to the lakeside, to creating fuzzy stuffed animals infused with love, to countless times of culinary indulgence and long drives with music blasting, I could not ask to have been surrounded by a better group to do these things with.

And it extended even further than our small group of eight. This year’s emphasized integration with the Sports Report, led by the extraordinary Molly Donovan, brought a newfound sense of inclusion to our staff. Together, we are on track to reach our lofty goal of 150,000 views by the end of the year. And of course, Mr. George could not have been a better advisor and role model to us.

Overall, my “last first” semester was far from ideal, in many ways, as my previous angsty columns detailing my workload might indicate. But TCT staff’s first semester was perfect in every way. While I thought I would be mournful, or even nostalgic, about this semester drawing to a close, it’s rather the opposite that is occurring.

The most exciting part is that with second semester comes ten new faces to integrate into our permanent staff. Ten new mindsets and thoughts. Ten new smiles. Ten new laughs to perfectly synchronize into our existing harmony.

With talented writers across the board, from different grades and groups, I think the diversity of incoming writers will enhance our staff to a tremendous extent. Some are here to stay for a long while to come and continue to hold a high standard, while others are here to spend their final semester as a part of our community. Regardless, embarking on new adventures with new people is bound to be a highlight of my next semester.

With over double the people, there will be twice as many ideas, twice as much warmth, and twice the talent, and that concept excites me to no end. I cannot fathom what extraordinary excitements are to come.