My Need For Change

My Need For Change

Rene Maier, Staff Writer

Ever since I can remember, I have had a need to try new things, whether it be trying new food or traveling to new places. I love being surprised and not knowing what to expect. I also hate being in the same place for a long time; I hate going through the same routine, doing the same thing, sitting in the same spot every day. I love to spice things up.

I have lived in the same house for fourteen years and, although I love my house and I love my neighbors, I am ready to move. I cannot wait to go to college and be in a new place surrounded by new people. I am ready to get out of the high school routine. To stop waking up at 5:30 every morning just to sit in a desk for seven hours. I am ready to escape the tiny little cul-de-sac which has not changed in the nearly fourteen years I’ve lived there. Nothing has changed in my house, and everyone who lives in the cul-de-sac has lived there for fourteen years as well. There has been no change, and that makes me go crazy.

I have a problem with changing. I change and rearrange my room at least once a month, and it makes my mom laugh because she’ll walk into my room and it’ll be completely different than it was the day before. She has gotten so used to it that when she hears loud sounds from downstairs she doesn’t even question what I am doing. I also tend to change the most random things. I change my backpack and a ton of small things that I don’t even realize until my mom points it out to me.

My desire to travel stems from my need for change. I am always bugging my parents to take me new places and to let me try new things. I remember when I was seven years old, my family went on an Alaskan cruise for a week; it was the best vacation I have ever been on. A week of exploring new places and trying new foods – it’s something that I wish I could do all the time instead of every few years. This urge has grown so strong that I am going into a field that requires me to constantly travel, to go to different countries to expand my knowledge, and to incorporate different cultures into my everyday life and my business. I am beyond excited to have a new adventure in college, but I am even more excited to start my career and expose myself to things that I have only dreamed of.