Tea Parties to Remember


I still remember those special afternoons, the ones which my younger sister Summer and I got to spend with our grandma.  They were filled with fancy dresses, small tea sandwiches, and grandma’s fine china.  Little did we know that those times with our grandma would be remembered forever.

Summer and I would spend hours with our grandma, always doing something fun.  The times I remember the most are the tea parties we used to have and all of the preparation that went into them.  To begin, Grandma would prepare a menu.  This usually consisted of a variety of cookies (chocolate no bake being my favorite), scones, miniature heart shaped sandwiches, and of course, tea. We would then spend hours preparing all of the food.  Summer was always tasked with pouring in the ingredients, while I was supposed to stir everything together. Needless to say, we took these jobs very seriously.  

As the cookies baked, the three of us would go upstairs to get ready. Summer and I took turns sitting on Grandma’s lap while she would apply makeup for us.  In her bathroom, she had all of her makeup displayed on a wheeling cart.  Sitting on her lap with our legs dangling, we were mesmerized by all of the powders and brushes she had neatly displayed.  I can remember to this day the variety of lipstick shades she had and the endless colors of eyeshadow which made it very hard to decide on just one.  I always chose the bolder colors so they would stand out more.  Once the makeup was complete, it was onto the nails.  Again, tough decisions were to be made regarding the colors with which she would carefully paint on our nails.

With the pampering complete, we followed the wonderful scent of chocolate and cherry into the kitchen.  The cookies would be done and we were all set.  Our tea parties were always held in the living room.  These were some of the rare times when Summer and I were allowed to go into the “formal room.”  I can still hear the hands ticking on the grandfather clock and the large painting of a peculiar-looking man hanging on the way.  We always felt so special when we would have our parties held in that room.  Summer and I felt older, more sophisticated.  

Times like tea parties with grandma have taught me many things. As cliche as it may sound, I have learned to cherish the little things.  I have learned that life presents many challenging obstacles, but it’s the way you are able to overcome them that define you.  I have learned that something may seem so important now, but as time passes, you will discover that it was in fact a small and trivial matter.  I have learned that sometimes the best cure to life’s challenges is to get dressed up and have a party. When nostalgia ensues, look back and reflect upon times when you were completely satisfied with life, as I was when I had tea parties with my grandma.