A Lion’s Share of Good Times: Review of Lyon Street Cafe


Breezy Wetherbee, Staff Writer

A small, simple cafe located on the outskirts of downtown has proven to be a very relaxing and enjoyable location for coffee, talking, and homework. I’m talking about none other than Lyon Street Cafe. It is nestled on a street corner with several Heritage Hill homes in close proximity.  You will often find me there buried under mounds of homework, sipping on my latte and enjoying a delicious cream cheese filled red velvet cupcake. 

The history and artisanship behind that small cafe is truly remarkable, all made from local contractors. The minimalist aesthetic was executed quite well.  This small cafe has a very urbanized feeling. There are white painted bricks, hardwood floors, and Edison lights bulbs hanging from the ceiling.  There is a display case adorned with many enticing pastries.  There are also a select amount of gluten-free options to service a wide range of customers. There are also a few high tops in the center of the coffee shop that seat two.  Because they have a limited number of baristas, chances are, if you go there with any regularity, you will strike up conversation with one of them. They are all very friendly and knowledgeable on their drinks.  

The drink options they have, while all very good, are not like the ones you will find at Starbucks. There are no frappes or iced tea refreshers. They do, instead, have loose leaf tea which is a much tastier and healthier option. Their drinks, similar to their atmosphere, are simple. Lyon Street Cafe serves Madcap coffee exclusively. Madcap has a very specific way in which they make and serve coffee and Lyon Street has adopted that method as well.  They have pourover coffee, loose leaf tea, and a select amount of pastries.  A small cooler contains specialty pops such as Izze and San Pellegrino.

Lyon Street Cafe is apart of a larger company which owns Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Baking Company.  You can always count on a wide variety of cupcakes;  red velvet, Reese’s chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, and lemon raspberry to name a few.  All of which come from Nantucket Baking Company.  

Most of the customers are college-aged students, often doing homework, some of whom will stay for hours quietly working.   There is a very relaxed and laid-back ambiance created in this small shop.