Humans of FHC: Megan Troutt


“So Abbey Stone and I made this cake last year; she is a really good baker. We spent [a long] time making [the] cake for our ASL three/four class last year because we were all really close. The seniors were graduating, so we made [the] cake, and we were going to have a celebration on the last day. We made this giant cake; it was literally four layers, and it was chocolate and peanut butter. It was all made from scratch, and we spent six [to] seven hours on a half day after school just making this cake and all that kind of stuff. So I go to drive her home, and we load her up in the passenger seat. She’s holding the cake on her lap but mistake number one: we didn’t cover the cake. So we’re going down Cascade [Road] towards Lowell, and this deer runs out in front of my car. There is nowhere else to go, so we slam on the brakes, and the cake literally goes into the dashboard. It was my mom’s car at the time because I didn’t have a car yet. There was peanut butter frosting in the glove box; it was so bad. The cake was lopsided, and the frosting was smudged all over the car. Six hours of work on the dashboard.

We pulled into a church parking lot that was across the street, and we were standing there in shock like, ‘What happened to our cake.’ We literally, without question, took the frosting and started putting it back on the cake. We [still] presented the cake because it was like this gorgeous cake with sprinkles, and we made a little banner on top. We presented it to the class and were like, ‘Don’t look at the back, don’t eat the back side, it’ll be fine.’”