Late Night Food Review

Late Night Food Review

It’s late.  You’re hungry.  Time for a late-night run for some food.  Here are your top choices:



The International House of Pancakes is known for just that: their pancakes. But unlike many breakfast places around the Forest Hills area, this one is open 24 hours and provides the perfect location for late night meals. Personally, I don’t think I’ve been to IHOP in the morning at all. Their chocolate chocolate pancakes are to die for, and I couldn’t see myself living without them.


Steak and Shake-

The place known for excellent shakes. Although they do have great items on their menu, the wait for your food is often long. Whether it’s waiting in the drive thru line for a simple shake and fry or sitting down and waiting for a full meal, that’s all you will be getting: a lot of waiting. The service here is always slow and although I like the time that I spend with my friends just chatting, the food itself just isn’t worth it.



The go-to place after the hockey game is known for half of apps after 10. Its an excellent place to go if you want real food for good prices. The best thing on the menu is the delicious and addicting triple chocolate meltdown. This place is an excellent post sporting event or before midnight snack but unfortunately it isn’t open 24 hours like many others on this list. This is definitely a favorite choice of mine but unfortunately sometimes it just isn’t open.



Steak and Shake and McDonald’s are by far the least healthy choices on this list. For me, McDonald’s isn’t really a late night food place where I would go and get a full meal but more a snack place where I would get some fries and a shake. This would probably be number 4 on my list. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you just need McDonalds, but this isn’t my everyday go to place.