Disconnect in Order to Fix the Disconnect

Disconnect in Order to Fix the Disconnect

Riana Watkins-Martin

We spend the entirety of our lives using up data

Spending more time talking to Siri than we do to one another

Paying additional charges just so we can google answers while outside

Rather than thinking of the answers for ourselves.

We let the devices do all the thinking for us

And now our own batteries have died because

We are too focused on charging our phones up

Rather than charging ourselves up;

We ask for the WIFI passwords when we sleep over at friend’s houses

Because without our iphones next to us we are lonely

Even though we are sitting right next to someone.

We reach down into our pockets and our heart skips a beat

When they are empty

Because we are afraid of being without but we are actually

Without when we are with;

Because we are so focused on the connection of our phones that we

Let the connection between each other weaken

We are so concerned with

Connecting to 3g so that we don’t have to talk during car rides

But the car rides are so loud because all you can hear is clicking.

And you laugh at the people of the older generations

Who cannnot figure out how to work the devices

But we should not have even taught them in the first place

Because now we are all taking walks outside with our headphones in and our eyes

Glued to the screens

And we are the ones being laughed at;

Because my baby sister would rather play Candy Crush than Go Fish ;

Because it makes me afraid that her eyes dart down at blinking squares as they rapidly flash across the screen in black and white blurs

And I wonder how teachers can expect her to quietly sit down at a desk during the day

I’m sorry EAchieve, but all you’ve really achieved

Is teaching us that we can be taught from a 6 inch screen

Because we pick up our phones to take a picture of our food while we let it get cold

And we reach down while in the driver’s seat simply because our phone buzzed

So we value the life of a text more than we value our own.

And I wish all of our electronic devices would die

So that our relationships would have a chance to live

Because as we progressed as a society

We got carried away

And now we are in steady regression with each other.