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Riana discovered her passion for writing in fifth grade, when a piece of her writing was entered into a competition and transformed into a play. Entering her second year on staff, Riana honed her skills by writing a variety of profiles, editorials, and and features . With over three hundred hours of volunteer work, Riana is a dedicated community member who helps out at a retirement home every weekend. When she is not participating in Boost club, Diversity club, Environmental Club, Global Leaders Initiative, and the National Honor Society, she often volunteers her time to assist students in the subjects of both science and math. Hoping to go into either pre-Med or pre-Law in the future, Riana was recently hand selected to attend John Hopkins University this upcoming summer to participate in an internship relating to her love for human anatomy. With a GPA of a 4.04, Riana’s dedication and perseverance is evident in the quality of her work.

  • Favorite thing about being on staff: I enjoy the overall positive atmosphere that the class provides and how everyone is so supportive of one another.

  • Favorite type of story to write: I particularly like writing columns and profiles because I am truly interested in learning new things about others.

  • Extracurriculars: I have participated in four years of violin, four years of theatre, tutoring, am a current waitress at retirement home, and an active member of the diversity club, environmental club, boost club, Global Leaders Initiative , and the National Honors Society.

  • Hobbies/ Interests: Besides being interested in writing, I also enjoy theatre, acting, and debating.

  • Favorite book and why: My favorite book is The Book Thief because it was written in a clever, unique style with an interesting plot and well developed characters!

  • If it is Friday night, you will most likely find her: hanging out with friends!


Riana Watkins-Martin, Staff Writer

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Riana Watkins-Martin