Summer Walker’s new album restored my faith in R&B music


On October 4, 2019, the soft-spoken, new R&B singer Summer Walker released her debut album of the year. Over It came out earlier this month—and it’s already broken records. The 23-year-old’s record became the most-streamed album by a female R&B artist ever, and in the process, she broke the record the queen of R&B, Beyoncé, set in 2016 with her Lemonade album.

The album extends 2 hours and 11 minutes and includes major artists like Jhene Aiko, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake, and countless more. Summer definitely nods to older, more traditional R&B, but it’s super modern in terms of the aesthetic: soft and smooth. It’s also very R&B in the delivery: slow and soulful.

Vibrato and chest voice with sprinkles of falsetto here and there pushed me into a trance I hoped I would never escape.”

The album kicks off with an everlasting bang with “Playing Games.” I found myself playing this song on a consecutive loop. It was coined as one of the best songs on the album and artist Bryson Tiller adds to the song with his vocals at the end. This song spoke softer tones and music, but it featured loud, captivating lyrics regarding being taken advantage of by a significant other.

In other words, I was entranced. And it was only the first track.

Track two came on, and I immediately found my new favorite feeling-sad-for-myself song to jam to: “Girls Need Love Too.” Powerful lyrics mixed with gentle beats and Summer’s tender voice put this song on the charts for days after its release. To add more pizazz to an already astonishing song, Summer dropped a remix of the track alongside Drake.

The song only got better from there.

Thinking that there wouldn’t be a song that could top “Girls Need Love Too,” I was pleasantly surprised that “Session 32” did just that. It was simply a guitar and Summer’s soulful voice captivating me for an entire song. It was another demonstration of true raw talent for a minute and forty seconds. Vibrato and chest voice with sprinkles of falsetto here and there pushed me into a trance I hoped I would never escape.

“I’ll Kill You” comes towards the end of the album and is the ultimate bait and switch. It’s essentially a love song about how she’s become infatuated and overwhelmed by her lover and will go to extreme lengths to keep him with her and only her. It’s very possessive but very honest. In the song, Summer gave off “pop” sounds and beats to contrast her traditional R&B sound, and I was all over it.

If you have not heard of Summer Walker yet, she is definitely someone you should listen to. Her new album has songs that relate to anyone. Over It will fill you with many familiar past, present or future emotions that’ll stick with you.

Over It is Summer’s prime—it’s her debut album. And it can only get better from here.