The perquisition of homeschooling


Savannah Elenbaas, Staff Writer

As I stretch my arms, the white, bright light of nature shines through my window. I desperately want to fall back asleep, just as a bear would in hibernation. The time “9:00” is expressed on my phone as I sigh and think, I am so privileged to be homeschooled. The perks you gain in reciprocation of being homeschooled are copious.

Homeschooling most likely holds more pros than cons; according to The Hechinger Report, “SAT scores for homeschoolers are above the national average. On the ACT, they score above the public school average.” This research proves that homeschoolers are a bit smarter than kids that go to public schools.

What do people get in homeschooling that they do not get in public schooling? They have altered curriculars and schedules, the exact opposite that public school kids possess, and they all stick to similar schedules.

The freshmen have their core classes, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors; yes, you can choose your own electives, but you only have two until you can complete most of your core credits. Some people might say public schooling is better because kids can gain social skills, and meeting new people at public schools is much easier than if you are homeschooled.

Homeschooling is much more relaxed and set to your skill level and what pace you can learn at. Public school’s core classes all mostly move at the same speed, not granting some pupils enough time to let the information soak into their brains like a wet sponge.

You also gain a fixed school schedule if they are being homeschooled, because you do not have to wake so early; you can go to school in your pajamas sometimes as well. Having comfort and sleep is a big bonus, it gives you a helping hand in learning because you are more engaged.

People might counter-argue and say that being too comfortable could make people focus less on the task at hand, that it could be diverting their attention away from the material.

For public school students, homework and tests are usually the toughest endeavors, anxiety itching at you, the negative thoughts that anxiety makes you think about — having to stay up until teens lose it studying for a test or completing their homework.

You control when you have tests, or when you have homework instead of being unprepared and hooked on a rope for time. ”

You control when you have tests, or when you have homework instead of being unprepared and hooked on a rope for time.

I am speaking from experience when I say that homeschooling is much more proficient.

Even though you might not get as much socialization, you can always join a homeschooling group. The flexible hours you get from sleep is a great help because you are more focused and rested. When I was homeschooled in fourth and fifth grade, learning at my own level helped; I was completing high school level math.

If you have control of your schedule, you have control of your life.